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Memory issues to weight loss: Signs that show your ageing parents need help

Modest memory issues are common when we start ageing

Vighnesh Yenupuri 

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An ageing parent, who lives alone also faces social issues such as difficulty in grocery shopping

Elderly members deserve utmost care within the comfort of their homes, in an ecosystem that is convenient for them. Busy in our own lives, we often overlook the need for assistance for our These signs are usually obscure and generally not picked up, only because no one really expects their to suddenly become weak and frail. Generally, the requirement for a specialist caregiver only arises on the suggestion of a doctor.

Here are some important signs that one should watch out for, in order to assess the need to bring in professional nursing assistance at home for ageing

When forgetfulness becomes normal

Modest memory issues are common when we start ageing. However, in some cases, the problem turns out to be bigger than expected. This cycle begins with the inability to do daily chores such as driving, shopping and cooking. In some cases, one can see behavioural changes in parents where they repeat questions, get confused in a familiar environment, are unable to follow through despite being given detailed instructions, and are confused about the time of day, dates and locations.

If your parent(s) are facing problems in executing day-to-day tasks, then it is time to evaluate the need to have complete care at home with a dedicated Care Companion helping them diligently.

Unexplained weight loss

Sudden weight loss without any exercise or diet is also a sign that your parent(s) need assistance. In old age, people tend to lose the sense of taste and smell which makes it difficult to consume the required calorie count in a day. Many also face difficulty in chewing, which further deters their diet.

An ageing parent, who lives alone also faces social issues such as difficulty in grocery shopping. If either or both your parents seem to be going through similar conditions, then you must arrange for having round the clock assisted caregivers for them.

These are some basic signs that suggest that your parents need help at home. Your parents may be in denial that they need help or may not realise changes in their own behaviour and moods. As children, you must ensure that you do the needful in ensuring that they are healthy, safe, and well-cared for at home.

Hiring a dedicated Care Companion who will manage household tasks for them and improve their daily activity calendar for the elderly like:

  • Monitoring vital signs
  • Tracking and enabling a medicine schedule
  • Personal care and grooming
  • Feeding and toilet Assistance
  • Wheelchair assistance
  • Helping with mobility to prevent falls and injuries during movement
  • Providing mobility assistance
  • Social companion in the absence of children

Caregivers are not your replacements but professionals who will fill the gap in your absence because of hectic work schedules. You will notice that they’re happier, safer while getting all the requisite medical assistance. Instead, take the time to be with them and be connected to them. It is the little things that you can do like taking them shopping, watching movies with them and visiting them more often that will make them feel secure and loved.

First Published: Sat, October 26 2019. 22:54 IST