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Answers to the Strategist quiz #601

Answers to the Strategist quiz #601

Gaurav Sri Krishna 

1. In 1995, I travelled to America and saw the internet for the first time. When I searched for ___on the internet, I found nothing. Seeing the lack of results I decided to go back and start a company to bring the internet to China and to bring China to the rest of the world”. What did this person search for and also name him?

Answer: Jack Ma. He searched for "China Beer" and did not get any results.

2. “If Salesforce is No1. and Transamerica Corporation is No.2” What does one infer from this statement?

Answer: In the city of San Francisco, the Salesforce Tower is the tallest building in the city and Transamerica Corporation’s Pyramid building is the 2nd tallest

3. After taking over a large division of an American corporation this company has said goodbye to Six Sigma and developed its own philosophy that focuses on Employees and user value. This means customers and employees becoming one to foster co-creation and win-win solutions together. Name the company and its new business model.

Answer: The Chinese company Haier which bought GE's Appliances business globally. It calls its new business model rendanheyi

4. Connect Diamond, Star and dot mark with currency and what do you arrive at?

Answer: Mint marks on Indian coins. Diamond represents Mumbai, Star denotes Hyderabad and dot mark indicates Noida. For coins made at the Kolkata mint there is no mint mark

5. What is the nickname given to aviation disaster investigators who are known for their ability to tease clues from mangled bits of metal?

Answer: Tin Kickers

6. Name the invention of Pope Sylvester II, the first French Pope, (1000A.D.) that has a connection with Bell labs, IBM, Texas Instruments, Apple, Microsoft, Google and Amazon?

Answer: He invented a talking head that could answer yes or no to questions. A predecessor to the voice based assistants launched by all the telecom and tech companies listed in the question.

7. This commercial term has its roots in French and means to grant or authorise. It is a local tax collected on various articles brought into a district or state or province for consumption. Name it?

Answer: Octroi

8. Whom was Steve Jobs referring to when he said “You are sitting on a Gold mine. I can’t believe ___is not taking advantage of this?

Answer: Xerox's GUI technology

9. This brand’s name when translated in English is the combination of “Splendid” and “We Can”. Name it.

Answer: Huawei

10. This was the first logo of a globally famous brand. Name it.

Answer: Pizza Hut

One lucky winner will receive a cheque for Rs 2,000. Send your entries to All entries must carry the postal address of the contestant. Last date for receiving entries is February 26 till 8 pm. Previous winners and employees of Business Standard and their families are not eligible to participate. The winner is chosen on the basis of the first correct entry received.

There were four correct entries to Quiz no. 601. The winner is S. Venkatesan from Chennai.

First Published: Sun, February 24 2019. 21:37 IST