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Best of BS Opinion: Inevitability of classical economics, Covid-19 and more

Here's a selection of Business Standard Opinion pieces for the day.

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Alokananda Chakraborty 

household debt, jobs, coronavirus

From how people will remember Covid-19 as the event that led to job losses on a scale unimagined since the Great Depression, to the reasons why cross-border transference of costs — via colonisation or exchange-rate manipulation or quasi-monopolies in tradable goods — is no longer easy, to how leaders who had effortlessly sailed through previous threats to their popularity are struggling with this one, here's a selection of Business Standard pieces for the day.

As the global economy shrinks, and country after country is tempted to build a “Great Wall against China”, more losses of industrial jobs are certain, writes TN Ninan. Read on...

It’s very unlikely that politicians will change how they think about persistent economic distress, writes T C A Srinivasa Raghavan. Click here to read...

The tragic death of 16 migrant workers near Aurangabad might have been an accident but it also highlighted the utter callousness with which some 139 million Indians, whom poverty forces to seek a livelihood outside their home states, are treated, writes Sunanda K Datta-Ray. Read on...

Politicians should be humble about what they know, and even more about what they don’t know, writes Mihir S Sharma. Click here to read...

Over grilled chicken and greens, Nakul Anand, Executive Director, ITC, talks to Pavan Lall about the changes taking place in the world of hospitality due to coronavirus, and the career lessons he took away from his days as a DJ. Read on...


"If we were to reduce traffic, reduce industry and have a 15-day in different parts of the country, it will lead to a lot of clean air and water”

Former Supreme Court judge Deepak Gupta

First Published: Sat, May 09 2020. 06:41 IST