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Fingers 'Pro Wireless (PD-QC)' power bank: The convenience of less wires

Fingers claims that this power bank features 'Power Delivery (PD)' fast-charging technology and 'Quick Charge (QC)' technology that reduces its self-charging time by almost 40 per cent

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Erick Massey  |  New Delhi 

Fingers Pro Wireless (PD-QC) power bank
Fingers Pro Wireless (PD-QC) power bank

No matter how big your phone's battery, you always end up searching for a slot. Often, power banks come to the rescue. That is why it has become essential to carry one at all times. Now, power banks can be bulky or they may take too much time to charge a phone. So, brands are trying hard to reduce the size and weight, and at the same time also increase their capacity to charge quickly.

The Fingers Pro Wireless (PD-QC) power bank is one such device that can come really handy with its capacity to charge a phone without any wire. The power bank offers of compatible devices, while simultaneously supporting wired as well.

The 10,000 mAh power bank sports an ‘A’ grade Li-Polymer battery.

Fingers claims that the power bank features the 'Power Delivery (PD)' fast-charging technology, and 'Quick Charge (QC)' technology to reduce its self-charging time by almost 40 per cent.

The power bank is lightweight and slim enough to fit into the pocket of your denims. The matte finish gives it a clean look and there are two dedicated USB-A and USB Type-C ports (18W power delivery) for connectivity. The power button is on the right, with LED indicators to show the battery level.

We used the power bank to charge a phone with a 3,500mAh battery. It took around an hour to charge it to around 40-45 per cent with the feature. We felt the was a bit slow but highly convenient. You could simply place a phone on the portable charge and remove without any hassle of disconnecting the charging cable. In terms of quick charging, the result with the wired feature was a bit better.

Fingers also claims that you could even juice up your laptop battery using the portable charger, but we didn't go that far.


The wireless charging is a feature most of us will love. And it's something that sets this power bank apart from other portable chargers. The lightweight power bank is priced at Rs 2,999, which seems a bit heavy on the pocket. However, considering the features and performance, the price tag is justified.

The Fingers Pro Wireless (PD-QC) power bank can be quite useful if your phone supports wireless charging.

First Published: Wed, May 13 2020. 11:30 IST