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  • 20-Apr-2017 | Amar Pandit

    How to earn inflation-adjusted income of Rs 3 lakh a month

    Considering long-term inflation rate at 6% a year, you will need a corpus of Rs 4.45 crore

  • 16-Sep-2012 | Amar Pandit

    Is it time to buy real estate?

    Banks and builders are offering sops to buy. But a little more patience may help

  • 27-Mar-2011 | Amar Pandit

    The art of giving

    How to ensure that your money is used for the right cause.

  • 27-Feb-2011 | Amar Pandit

    Simple measures in difficult times

    The present year has been a roller coaster ride for investors. Equity markets are turning more volatile each day. Within the first two months, the Sensex has moved between 17,200 and 20,500. There seems to be no respite from this, as oil prices are ...

  • 09-Jan-2011 | Amar Pandit

    Investment options in the new year

    Most asset classes, whether equity, real estate or gold had a great going in 2010. However, a closer look will show that all these asset classes did go through ups and downs during the year.

  • 17-Oct-2010 | Amar Pandit

    Baby steps for accountability

    The best way to teach kids about money is to let them handle it early on. That’s why pocket money can be a powerful way to teach kids the basic utility of money, savings, prudent spending, budgeting, record keeping and accountability.

  • 10-Oct-2010 | AMAR PANDIT

    Bull weather

    But tread carefully because the rally has been selective in nature.

  • 12-Sep-2010 | Amar Pandit

    Market forces take over bank accounts

    Savings rate deregulation, if implemented, is likely to lead to high volatility in returns.

  • 15-Aug-2010 | Amar Pandit

    Deal with debt carefully

    To tame inflation, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) raised two of its key policy rates - repo and reverse repo - twice last month. Repo is the rate at which it lends short-term funds to banks. If this rate rises, the cost of RBI funds for banks goes ...

  • 01-Aug-2010 | Amar Pandit

    Rain alert: Homes are cheaper

    During the monsoon, construction activity slows down and very few projects are launched. Every year, between March and September, builders find themselves in a situation when buyers are few. Reason: Many people consider it inauspicious to buy during ...

  • 25-Jul-2010 | Amar Pandit

    Waiting for another balancing Act

    The stock markets have been on a tear this week, with the Sensex closing at its highest levels in the past 30 months. There have been a lot of positives right from good results and monsoon to supportive global markets. However, one local threat has ...

  • 18-Apr-2010 | Amar Pandit

    Where there is a will...

    When Deepak Sharma, 45, passed away, his wife and two children suddenly found themselves in a severe financial crunch. While he owned three flats and a plot of land, the records were missing.

  • 11-Apr-2010 | Amar Pandit

    More space can space you out

    In deciding to upgrade to a bigger home, don't allow optimism to cloud economic calculation.

  • 28-Mar-2010 | Amar Pandit

    'Ulip wise' means high price

    Recently, there were a series of advertisements by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (Irda) - the first of its kind by any regulator - promoting unit-linked insurance plans (Ulip) and term plans.

  • 21-Mar-2010 | Amar Pandit

    FMPs have more to offer

    Every year, in the last quarter of the financial year, a series of fixed maturity plans (FMP) are launched by asset management companies. These are essentially close-ended income schemes, with a fixed maturity date, that is , they run for a fixed ...

  • 14-Mar-2010 | Amar Pandit

    IPOs: It's probably overpriced

    There is a big debate on the recently concluded NMDC follow-on public offer (FPO). It is one of the biggest disinvestment offers, as it seeks to fill the government coffers by raising up to Rs 20,000 crore.

  • 07-Mar-2010 | Amar Pandit

    Deals for the road

    Fuel prices have gone up, and so have car prices. but smart purchasing skills can help save Money.

  • 28-Feb-2010 | Amar Pandit

    Party pooper

    Money does not grow on trees is an old saying. But when it comes to children, they actually need to be taught that. For instance, when parents have withdraw money from automatedteller machines (ATMs), their children think that it is a machine that ...

  • 21-Feb-2010 | Amar Pandit

    Unsatisfactory numbers

    On scrutiny, this unit-linked insurance plan has no special advantage over a fixed deposit.

  • 14-Feb-2010 | Amar Pandit

    Rate alert

    Compare the post tax returns and tenure of debt instruments before investing.

  • 07-Feb-2010 | AMAR PANDIT

    Beware teaser rates

    Do not base your decision on the home loan rate, but on your income stream and your ability to pay back.

  • 24-Jan-2010 | Amar Pandit

    Old wine in new bottle

    To save for your children, use low-cost investment avenues.

  • 10-Jan-2010 | Amar Pandit

    Investing styles dissected

    SIPs worked better than other investing styles in the last 15 onths, and you did not need to be an expert to succeed.

  • 03-Jan-2010 | Amar Pandit

    A pill for your investment woes

    During uncertain times investors flock to pharmaceutical stocks. Here’s how to evaluate them.

  • 27-Dec-2009 | Amar Pandit

    Ringing in more changes

    The financial services industry will see significant changes.