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  • 22-Oct-2012 | Arunima Mishra

    Crowdsourcing cuts down unnecessary expenses: Arun Mehra

    Interview with CEO, TalentHouse India

  • 27-Aug-2012 | Arunima Mishra

    Discovery Communications: Discovering kids

    Discovery Communications (Discovery), owner of the Discovery Channel, has been prompt in introducing channels from its international portfolio in India. Its unit, Discovery Networks International, launched the latest channel — Discovery Kids. ...

  • 27-Aug-2012 | Arunima Mishra

    Dhara: A new mantra of marketing

    Remember the little boy, enticed to return home with the lure of ‘jalebee’ on TV? Behind the ad was Dhara, the edible oil brand, which brought in a lot of firsts to the Indian market. The first to sell branded packed edible oil and in ...

  • 30-Jul-2012 | Arunima Mishra

    Nimbuzz: Getting personal with marketing

    Despite the hype around location-based advertising, new research seems to suggest that mobile users want to see ads that reflect who they are not where they are at a given point in time. In other words, personalisation trumps things like timing or ...

  • 09-Jul-2012 | Arunima Mishra

    Havells India: Say it with idlis?

    So you thought the mixer-grinder was a boring category? If Havells India has its way — and if you can afford to let your imagination run amok — your humble mixer-grinder will be able to blend functionality and aesthetics like a ...

  • 09-Jul-2012 | Arunima Mishra

    Meet the new dream merchants

    Here’s how most of the two-wheeler advertising unfolds on television: a lot of shots of the vehicle from different angles, either zipping all over the place at breakneck speed (to show control/maneuverability), or cruising down open roads with ...

  • 23-Jun-2012 | Arunima Mishra

    'We will probably never have another Raj Kapoor'

    He turned director with Masoom in 1983 and then followed it up with the super-hit Mr. India four years later. In 1994, came the critically acclaimed Bandit Queen, and in 1998, Elizabeth, which was nominated for seven Oscars and won the prize for ...

  • 04-Jun-2012 | Arunima Mishra

    Getting the message right

    The country’s largest telecom service provider Bharti Airtel has forayed into the Rs 100-crore mobile advertising (m-Advertising) market recently. The initiative, that took around 12-14 months to take shape, will equip advertisers to connect ...

  • 04-Jun-2012 | Arunima Mishra

    For a one-stop solution

    Nelco, a Tata enterprise, is in the process of transforming its business. From transistors and consumer electronics-the company was earlier known as National Radio and Electronics Ltd — it has moved into the business of offering end-to-end ...

  • 02-Jun-2012 | Arunima Mishra

    Start-up CEOs

    There is nothing better than seeing one’s start-up venture soar. But even if it falters, it is a risk most B-schoolers are willing to take nowadays. Considering that they are never short of options, it is a small price for being able to go off ...

  • 28-May-2012 | Arunima Mishra

    Eno: Looking for a younger audience

    GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)’s 42-year-old brand Eno (the brand was born in 1850 but launched in India in 1972), the leader in the Rs 750-crore antacid market in India, is looking to connect with the youth. The company’s research shows the ...

  • 16-Apr-2012 | Arunima Mishra

    Pass Pass Chingles: Time to have fun

    The Dharampal Satyapal (DS) Group, which has FMCG brands such as Catch (salt and spices, natural spring water and beverages), Pass Pass and Rajnigandha, has forayed into the Rs 9,000-crore confectionery industry with Pass Pass Chingles chewing gum. ...

  • 02-Apr-2012 | Arunima Mishra

    Better late than never

    Canton-headquartered quick service restaurant (QSR) company, Dunkin’ Brands Group, Inc, the parent company of Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin-Robbins, will open its first Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant in New Delhi in the first half of 2012. ...

  • 26-Mar-2012 | Arunima Mishra

    It's all about the experience

    Sandeep Sethi, a senior real-estate marketing professional, was blown away by the experience during his first visit to the Audi store at Mathura Road, New Delhi. The showroom was spacious, which made him feel comfortable, and he could easily cruise ...

  • 05-Mar-2012 | Arunima Mishra

    Dolby Laboratories: Sound and picture show

    Audio technology company Dolby Laboratories has set the benchmark as far as cinema sound is concerned. Now it wants to kick off a similar revolution on Indian television. The three-year-old Indian subsidiary of Dolby Laboratories Inc. believes its ...

  • 05-Mar-2012 | Arunima Mishra

    Making the right connection

    Vodafone India, the third largest mobile network operator in India (after Airtel and Reliance Communications), has brought the trademark pug (Cheeka) back in its latest campaign, “Instant Connections”.

  • 27-Feb-2012 | Arunima Mishra

    World Kitchen (India): The sizzling world of kitchen

    The US-based World Kitchen, which entered the Indian market in 1998 with dinnerware (glass) brand Corelle, besides Corningware (glass ceramic), Pyrex (glass bakeware) and Visions (cookware), is looking to expand its base in the country aggressively. ...

  • 20-Feb-2012 | Arunima Mishra

    Cellcast India: This is 'my' television

    Power moves

  • 18-Feb-2012 | Arunima Mishra

    Soldier, athlete, outlaw

    Tigmanshu Dhulia?s Paan Singh Tomar unearths the fascinating but little-known tale of a medal-winning athlete and armyman who became a dacoit

  • 13-Feb-2012 | Arunima Mishra

    Parag Milk Foods: Way to go

    The Indian cheese story has come a long way — from one that once used to be only about Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation’s Amul, cubed, canned and now sliced, it now includes a bunch of new players, both national and ...

  • 09-Jan-2012 | Arunima Mishra

    All fire, no ice

    Grilled for a year... Um…we mean Fiery Grilled for a year;) Just complete this — “You love Fiery Grilled coz ________.

  • 05-Dec-2011 | Arunima Mishra

    It's tea time, folks

    Wagh Bakri tea lounge in Delhi brews 32 types of international Indian and teas including green, organic and flavoured teas.

  • 01-Oct-2011 | Arunima Mishra

    Young rebels

    A NASA scientist chucks his job to make a film on the Chittagong uprising. Arunima Mishra speaks to its cast and crew.

  • 26-Sep-2011 | Alokananda Chakraborty & Arunima Mishra

    Q&A: Marc Effron, CEO, The Talent Strategy Group

    'Transparency is the key in managing human resources'

  • 12-Sep-2011 | Arunima Mishra

    An original story