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  • 23-Feb-2016 | Barun Roy

    Barun Roy: It's time for smart villages

    To allow our cities to thrive, we must look after our villages

  • 15-Dec-2015 | Barun Roy

    Barun Roy: A topsy-turvy world

    Varanasi, like many other places, has lost the quiet rhythm that was part of its character

  • 17-Nov-2015 | Barun Roy

    Barun Roy: Denial and the game of politics

    Indulging in the two has robbed us of the ability to actually get things done

  • 20-Oct-2015 | Barun Roy

    Barun Roy: United by hate

    We are living in a world of dogmatism and bigotry

  • 02-Sep-2015 | Barun Roy

    Barun Roy: Back to square one

    The world faces a catch-22 situation: mitigate one problem and it aggravates another

  • 05-Aug-2015 | Barun Roy

    Barun Roy: Gone with the wind

    Many things have faded away, new ones have taken their place in our lives

  • 08-Jul-2015 | Barun Roy

    Barun Roy: Where are the smart citizens?

    Electronic fund transfers or payment systems alone do not make a city smart; proper civic behaviour is also required to complement the effort

  • 10-Jun-2015 | Barun Roy

    Barun Roy: Rain - The agony and the ecstasy

    In earlier days, depleting groundwater levels were not the problem. It was still possible to enjoy the gathering of dark clouds and the first heavy thuds of rain

  • 13-May-2015 | Barun Roy

    Barun Roy: Garage sale - A different pitch

    Indian garage sales are more like charity fairs, where new products garner free publicity. The idea in countries like the US and Philippines, however, is different

  • 01-Apr-2015 | Barun Roy

    Barun Roy: Will India join the game?

    India has the necessary talent and financial muscle to become a major printing hub in the Asian region. But it remains to be seen if it has the desire to take the costly plunge

  • 04-Mar-2015 | Barun Roy

    Barun Roy: The hidden facets of greatness

    From Pather Panchali to Aparajito, Satyajit Ray's movies touched our emotions in many ways

  • 04-Feb-2015 | Barun Roy

    Barun Roy: The Li Ka-shing saga

    Not many people remember the long, lonely miles Li had to travel before he became Asia's richest man

  • 21-Jan-2015 | Barun Roy

    Barun Roy: Kolkata - Paradise lost

    The 'cultural capital of India' should learn from what Kepler's has done for the US - producing a strong community movement to save independent bookstores from the onslaught of online vendors

  • 10-Dec-2014 | Barun Roy

    Barun Roy: Songdo - Too impersonal for comfort?

    Even in a smart city, people want glimpses of history and a human touch. Songdo is turning out to be a history-less city. There's just not what some experts describe as a big bad urban centre

  • 29-Oct-2014 | Barun Roy

    Barun Roy: Surprise on the steppes

    Building a new capital city from scratch isn't easy. Myanmar, South Korea and Malaysia have all tried, but the only virgin city that has taken off beyond all expectations is Astana, Kazakhstan's new c

  • 01-Oct-2014 | Barun Roy

    Barun Roy: Where are the 'animal spirits'?

    If there is one area in India that badly needs some, it is the planning and implementation of infrastructure projects

  • 17-Sep-2014 | Barun Roy

    Barun Roy: Corridors of hope

    The Greater Mekong Sub-region economic corridors initiative offers a model that should be duplicated in South Asia

  • 20-Aug-2014 | Barun Roy

    Barun Roy: Banking on development

    The New Development Bank and AIIB are welcome but can they assuage the growing hunger for infrastructure funding?

  • 06-Aug-2014 | Barun Roy

    Barun Roy: Fixing the faulty 'road' map

    Most of the ill-planned Asian cities need a more creative plan aimed at weaning people away from using personal cars for commuting

  • 23-Jul-2014 | Barun Roy

    Barun Roy: Singapore's skyrise gardens

    Vertical gardens are a cornerstone of the state's development plan and can be a game-changer in its quest for greater sustainability

  • 09-Jul-2014 | Barun Roy

    Barun Roy: The geothermal alternative

    The search for a potential resource of energy that exists in the heat of the Earth is now gathering pace

  • 25-Jun-2014 | Barun Roy

    Barun Roy: India's growth debate

    The pursuit of growth needs to be accompanied by an equally important pursuit of clean technologies and a stringent regulatory environment

  • 11-Jun-2014 | Barun Roy

    Barun Roy: A great new railway bazaar

    New nations in Asia, South America and Africa are discovering the attractions of speedier travel as developmental pressures grow

  • 28-May-2014 | Barun Roy

    Barun Roy: The other side of poverty

    With deeper income inequality and sharp social divisions, Asian nations need to take a different approach to development

  • 14-May-2014 | Barun Roy

    Barun Roy: Merging the 'two' Indias

    While affluent India is there to stay, poor India is also a stark reality. The new govt needs a development model that combines the two