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  • 20-Nov-2010 | Bijoy Kumar Y

    Hail the Stuttgart taxi!

    Welcome to the world of the enormously powerful Mercedes-Benz. Bijoy Kumar Y is smitten by the AMG badge.

  • 09-Oct-2010 | Bijoy Kumar Y

    Too CLS for comfort

    Bijoy Kumar Y drove the all-new Audi A7 Sportback on the splendid Italian island of Sardinia.

  • 04-Sep-2010 | Bijoy Kumar Y

    The essential Jetta

    A Jetta in tune with the times.

  • 21-Aug-2010 | Bijoy Kumar Y

    Vent-ing machine!

    Volkswagen guns for the Honda City with the petrol and diesel Vento.

  • 14-Aug-2010 | Bijoy Kumar Y

    One Formula to win

    The Indian Grand Prix is14 months away.

  • 31-Jul-2010 | Bijoy Kumar Y

    Back from the mountains

    Splitting headache with severe pain in patches in the head, fever that could cook food all over again, bloody nose and a mucous membrane that threatened to liberate itself from my body… welcome to high altitude syndrome or whatever people ...

  • 03-Jul-2010 | Bijoy Kumar Y

    March of the Micra

    There is a car out there that I have not driven yet — the GT-R or the Nissan GT-R, to be precise. It is not a normal car — it was conceptualised, designed and developed with the rather humble ambition of rocking the foundation bolts of ...

  • 26-Jun-2010 | Bijoy Kumar Y

    The lemon tree

    Bijoy Kumar Y picks ten automotive duds over the last 15 years.

  • 19-Jun-2010 | Bijoy Kumar Y

    RD Dreams!

    Mention the initials RD and almost everyone who knows something about motorcycles will go weak-kneed.

  • 14-Jun-2010 | Bijoy Kumar Y

    Sunshine in Chevrolet land

    Timothy Lee is the President of GM International Operations and is the epitome of clarity of thought. He has crafted a business strategy for each country and he uses the three letter word often – win. But there is a slight problem that he is ...

  • 12-Jun-2010 | Bijoy Kumar Y

    Making way for Sunshine

    Bijoy Kumar Y gets up close with the car that may create automotive history in India.

  • 05-Jun-2010 | Bijoy Kumar Y

    The Nano effect

    Think of German cars and what comes to mind? Technologically accomplished, luxurious and of course, pricey. American cars are always meant to be behemoths that drink copious amounts of fuel. Similarly, think of Japanese cars and you get images of ...

  • 29-May-2010 | Bijoy Kumar Y

    Activ-a in Goa

    I love Goa, which I call a “State of Mind” rather than a mere state. And I love riding and driving on Goa’s roads. I have ridden everything, from Yamaha RX 100s to Enfield LB500s, on Goan roads and have driven an assortment of ...

  • 22-May-2010 | Bijoy Kumar Y

    Which small Maruti should you buy?

    With seven models to choose from, it can get quite confusing.

  • 15-May-2010 | Bijoy Kumar Y


    Prevention of Cruelty against Scooters? Well, call it whatever you want to call it, I do have a soft corner for old Vespas and Vespas made in India under license from Piaggio. That includes scores of Bajaj 150s/Supers/Chetaks/Cubs/Priya 150s and ...

  • 08-May-2010 | Bijoy Kumar Y

    Missing the India bus

    Bijoy Kumar Y lists a dozen big brands that have ignored Indian roads so far. Just when you thought we had them all...

  • 19-Apr-2010 | Bijoy Kumar Y

    The JV is dead, long live Logan

    French automotive ventures have not worked out well in India. First it was the lesser known two-wheeler arm of Peugeot who tied up with Chamundi Mopeds to make a moped with self-start and alloy wheels. It failed miserably. Then Peugeot (PSA Group) ...

  • 03-Apr-2010 | Bijoy Kumar Y

    Blessed wings!

    Well, what comes to your mind when you hear someone say Mexico? Many of my friends answered ‘tequila,’ a reasonable number — mostly women — said Antonio Banderas and there were other one-off answers like ‘big ...

  • 13-Mar-2010 | Bijoy Kumar Y

    Twins for the soul...

    ...and faring well on Indian roads. Bijoy Kumar Y rode ten different Harleys from Delhi to Jaipur.

  • 23-Feb-2010 | Bijoy Kumar Y

    The winner takes it all

    The battle between Volkswagen’s Polo and Toyota’s Etios may well decide who’ll be the world’s largest car maker.