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  • 05-Feb-2011 | Sreelatha Menon & Devika Banerji

    Budget may offer little to social sector

    Focus likely to be on finetuning the existing schemes in the sector.

  • 23-Jan-2011 | Devika Banerji

    Diverging growth trends stall release of IIP index

    New base shows deceleration in 2009-10 contrary to trend Restructuring of the item basket and divergence in growth trends are preventing government agencies from releasing the new index of industrial production (IIP) with a revised base of 2004-05 ...

  • 12-Jan-2011 | Devika Banerji

    Gross budgetary support may rise

    Projected 18 per cent hike will give room to cushion fiscal deficit.

  • 03-Jan-2011 | Devika Banerji

    New-age tools to help formulate inclusive 12th Plan

    Dubbed by many as the government organisation most resistant to change and least relevant in the rapidly-changing socio-economic and political milieu, the Planning Commission is trying to silence its severest critics with the help of new-age tools. ...

  • 31-Dec-2010 | Devika Banerji & Mihir Mishra

    Q&A: B K Chaturvedi, Member, Planning Commission

    'PPP has been a moderate success'

  • 29-Dec-2010 | Devika Banerji & Mihir Mishra

    Power sector to lead infra investments in 12th Plan

    Robust and consistent investments in the power sector are expected to guide the target of $1 trillion (Rs 45 lakh crore) investment in infrastructure set out by the Planning Commission for the 12th Plan (2012-17).

  • 28-Dec-2010 | Mihir Mishra & Devika Banerji

    Planning Commission reviews BOT model for road projects

    The Planning Commission is reviewing the Build, Operate and Transfer (annuity) model of building roads to see why it is not finding acceptability in large sections of the government.

  • 23-Dec-2010 | Mihir Mishra & Devika Banerji

    Infra's dismal show: PM to meet ministries, plan panel

    Concerned over the dismal performance of infrastructure ministries in the first half of this financial year, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has called a meeting of infrastructure ministries and the Planning Commission next week.

  • 22-Dec-2010 | Devika Banerji

    Statistics ministry aims to reduce outsourced data

    With Indian statistics facing heavy criticism from all quarters in recent times, the Central Statistical Organisation (CSO), which is responsible for coordination of statistical activities in the country and evolving and maintaining statistical ...

  • 22-Dec-2010 | Devika Banerji

    Funds crunch may hit sixth national economic census

    Estimates say finances to go 268% more than Plan allocation.

  • 17-Dec-2010 | Devika Banerji

    Rising fuel, commodity prices to keep inflation high

    Even as policymakers might take a sigh of relief at the moderating trend of wholesale inflation, which stood at 7.48 per cent for November, inflationary concerns are far from over for the government.

  • 14-Dec-2010 | Devika Banerji

    World Bank gives Indian statistics a leg-up

    Government begins work to strengthen state structures.

  • 12-Dec-2010 | Devika Banerji

    Food Security Act may float backup fund

    The proposed Food Security Act is likely to float a fund to act as a backup in years of drought or flood. The contingency fund will facilitate direct cash transfer in place of foodgrain entitlements to families unable to access foodgrain due to ...

  • 07-Dec-2010 | Devika Banerji

    Cotton prices bleed textile firms

    As pricing pressures have increased for textile manufacturers and exporters all over the world due to rising cotton prices, Indian players are seeing their bottomlines shrink. This is despite a consistent flow of orders and estimates of increased ...

  • 16-Nov-2010 | Devika Banerji

    Q&A:Luis Alberto Moreno, President, Inter American Development Bank

    'India has the potential to be an important partner for Latin America'

  • 11-Nov-2010 | Devika Banerji

    Liberalised PPP warehousing scheme gets better response

    FCI optimistic of adding at least 0.44 mt capacity by March.

  • 08-Nov-2010 | Devika Banerji

    FCI warns of more grain storage problems

    With foodgrain piling up in warehouses, Food Corporation of India (FCI) has estimated that offtake (lifting of stocks) should increase by at least 25 per cent to 60 million tonnes (mt) to ensure smooth operations this year.

  • 30-Oct-2010 | Devika Banerji & Ajay Modi

    Food security to cost Rs 72,000 crore

    The National Advisory Council (NAC) recommendation to guarantee foodgrain to two-thirds of the country’s population could bloat the government’s food subsidy spend by 26 per cent to over Rs 72,000 crore — equivalent to over 1 per ...

  • 15-Oct-2010 | Devika Banerji

    Q&A: T C A Anant, Chief Statistician of India

    'Outsourcing is always problematic'

  • 15-Oct-2010 | Devika Banerji

    Govt data errors prompt review of methodology

    When T C A Anant took over as India’s chief statistician, he had thought that base revisions for key indices would keep him busy. Four months later, he has a much longer and far more complex to-do list.

  • 14-Oct-2010 | Devika Banerji

    BS People: Rajiv Kumar

    Chamber music

  • 10-Oct-2010 | Devika Banerji

    France, others eye slice of Indian harvest

    The wheel has turned a full circle. India, which was synonymous with hunger and malnutrition in the West, is now being called upon to export from its pile of food grain to ease the shortfall in overseas markets.

  • 08-Oct-2010 | Devika Banerji

    Govt starts audit of economic data on NSC's behest

    In a first-of-its-kind exercise, the National Statistical Commission (NSC) has ordered an audit of the process used in the construction of economic data, starting with the Index of Industrial Production (IIP).

  • 05-Oct-2010 | Devika Banerji

    Ideal time to export surplus food stocks, say economists

    With the government sitting on heaps of foodgrain and with an acute shortage of quality storage facilities, analysts, some within the government, suggest exporting foodgrain and reviewing procurement policy.

  • 04-Oct-2010 | Devika Banerji

    Govt finds it hard to solve problem of plenty

    A commodities trader in the eastern part of the country is wondering how he could use some land owned by him to construct warehouses. After all, the government is offering a 10-year guarantee to use the space to store the abundant stock of ...