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  • 30-Dec-2011 | Dipta Joshi, Tania Kishore Jaleel & Neha Pandey Deoras

    Coming year to hold no promise on returns

    But, say experts, you may look forward to new asset classes, product innovation and better customer service.

  • 28-Dec-2011 | Dipta Joshi

    2011 saw more health cover options

    Despite innovations in products, don't overlook fine print attached; comparisons remain complex.

  • 23-Dec-2011 | Dipta Joshi

    Planning to buy a house? Wait for further correction

    For Nagpur-based Deepak Puranik, scouting for a house in Mumbai was the next step to being offered a job in the city. With his monthly salary a little over Rs 1 lakh, his home loan equated monthly instalment (EMI) would work out to around Rs 40,000 ...

  • 21-Dec-2011 | Dipta Joshi

    Buying peace of mind after the splurge

    An extended warranty is often more than worth the cost; though expensive, manufacturer’s warranty works best for electronic items.

  • 16-Dec-2011 | Neha Pandey & Dipta Joshi

    Power of Attorney vs Letter of Authority

    Three years ago, Ramchandra Goyal was surprised to know that he could not sell his US-based son’s flat in Pune despite having a letter of authority (LoA). “The document came handy when I had to help my son with some of his bank ...

  • 15-Dec-2011 | Dipta Joshi & Abhijit Lele

    Banks set to fund society redevelopment projects

    Mumbai’s residential societies that have not been able to ink redevelopment deals with builders could now turn to banks for assistance. Banks are willing to finance entire redevelopment projects undertaken by residential societies.

  • 13-Dec-2011 | Dipta Joshi

    Look beyond tax-saving tags

    As the time for readying investment declarations for tax purposes approaches, some tips on what to do.

  • 09-Dec-2011 | Dipta Joshi & Masoom Gupte

    Now, firms facilitate group health cover for parents

    Employers are negotiating with insurers for a better deal on behalf of employees.

  • 08-Dec-2011 | Dipta Joshi

    Cleaning the credit scorecard

    Customers must spot lapses before credit bureau, bank can take corrective steps.

  • 07-Dec-2011 | Dipta Joshi

    Rates offset discount, as more banks join spree

    The loan, on expiry of the fixed-rate period, switches to floating rate at a margin of 200 bps over the then base rate.

  • 02-Dec-2011 | Dipta Joshi

    Measure your risk ability, then invest

    Classify goals into those for the short, medium and long term to arrive at a risk mitigation plan, advise experts.

  • 29-Nov-2011 | Dilip K Jha & Dipta Joshi

    Lower making charges, better realisation

    If you were looking to add value to your gold investments through physical purchase, the advice would have been to stay away from ready jewellery and opt for coins or bars available in 24-carat gold. But innovative jewellers are now introducing ...

  • 25-Nov-2011 | Dipta Joshi

    Exiting fixed income funds

    Have a longer-term outlook or invest only surplus amounts, advise experts.

  • 23-Nov-2011 | Dipta Joshi

    Avoid issues with cheque issuance

    A week before, a technical glitch in banks’ clearing houses resulted in a two-day delay in cheque clearances by Mumbai-based banks. As expected, funds remained stuck and the delay caused anxiety among customers who had issued third-party ...

  • 22-Nov-2011 | Dipta Joshi

    Royal treatment for loyalty

    Hotels build a system of perks for frequent visitors to their rooms, with no upfront fee for the extra set of pluses.

  • 16-Nov-2011 | Dipta Joshi

    Neat but pricey

    PRODUCT ANALYSIS: My: Health Medisure Prime

  • 11-Nov-2011 | Dipta Joshi

    Innovative but complicated

    Equity market volatility has resulted in a number of innovative products being offered to investors. The prepaid systematic investment plan (SIP) from Edelweiss Mutual Fund is one.

  • 08-Nov-2011 | Dipta Joshi

    Fixed tenure makes product unattractive for the young

    Bharti AXA Life marked its entry into health insurance by launching a triple benefit critical illness plan recently. The plan, Triple Health Insurance Plan, allows you to claim three times, and each time, the sum assured is 100 per cent.

  • 01-Nov-2011 | Dipta Joshi

    The deregulation deal: What it means for account holders

    Higher savings bank rates are good. But look at other factors like transaction costs, post-tax returns.

  • 26-Oct-2011 | Dipta Joshi

    Opt for mid- and long-term funds

    For over a year, fund managers have been advising investors to stay put in funds with ultra short-term and short-term durations. With the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) continuing its hawkish stance, it was necessary for investors not to commit money ...

  • 25-Oct-2011 | Dipta Joshi

    MIPs to the rescue of investors

    Equity markets have been volatile with a downward bias for some time. Obviously, Jayant Kothari is unwilling to commit more into equities, despite being bullish on them. The reason: Though he is interested in equities, there is little clarity if ...

  • 21-Oct-2011 | Dipta Joshi

    This Diwali, consider debt as a gift

    Opt for products with lower tax outgo, as income earned by your child or unemployed spouse will be clubbed with yours.

  • 19-Oct-2011 | Dipta Joshi

    Get the right health insurance cover under portability

    Until portability was allowed for health insurance, customers were wary of shifting to a new insurer, even if they were unsatisfied with the existing one. The fear was the loss of accumulated loyalty benefits or having to begin the waiting period ...

  • 18-Oct-2011 | Neha Pandey & Dipta Joshi

    Road to revival for Ulips

    Discontinued plans could face caveats, higher premium from companies.

  • 14-Oct-2011 | Neha Pandey & Dipta Joshi

    Don't get locked in fixed-rate loans for long tenures

    These should be considered for a year as interest rates may start coming down after that.