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  • 23-Feb-2013 | Gargi Gupta

    Calcutta & Kolkata

    Amit Chaudhuri provides a lyrical exposition of the world views inherent in the two names of the city

  • 02-Feb-2013 | Nilanjana S Roy & Gargi Gupta

    Picks of February

    In his fourth novel, Nadeem Aslam appears to be at the height of his powers, his prose as molten, clear and beautiful as just-blown glass. “Wounds are said to emit light under certain conditions — touch them and the brightness will stay on the ...

  • 02-Feb-2013 | Gargi Gupta

    Kung fu spectacle

    The Kung Fu genre of films is well known and well loved — all those Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan films, Kung Fu Panda, Crouching Tiger,Hidden Dragon, and so on, movies that you can watch endless re-runs of on television because they have lots of ...

  • 25-Jan-2013 | Gargi Gupta

    Brown man's burden

    Farrukh Dhondy's fictional memoir captures the debilitating racism of Britain in the sixties and seventies

  • 16-Dec-2012 | Gargi Gupta

    Vibrant and colourful

    The British painter who has captured Queen Elizabeth II and several British Olympians on canvas talks about the optimistic Indian art market

  • 15-Dec-2012 | Gargi Gupta

    City of cliches

    Steve Raymer, an acclaimed photographer, made six trips to Kolkata between 2009 and 2012 for this book of images of the city. His objective, as he declares early on, was to document the “legendary city” that has “become the byword ...

  • 01-Dec-2012 | Gargi Gupta

    Murky trails

    Talaash is definitely worth a watch, but it is unlikely to be as big

  • 24-Nov-2012 | Gargi Gupta

    Art apart

    Manifestations VIII at Delhi Art Gallery presents a collection of rare and exquisite artworks. It is also one of India's most valuable exhibitions in monetary terms

  • 10-Nov-2012 | Gargi Gupta

    Trains of thought

    A young British woman of Indian origin, a journalist with a flair for words and an eye for the human story, decides to travel around the land of her ancestors, to discover the “truth” about the country she had lived in briefly — ...

  • 04-Nov-2012 | Gargi Gupta

    The art of the matter: Louise Blouin

    Interview with the French-Canadian founder and chairman-CEO of Louise Blouin Media

  • 27-Oct-2012 | Gargi Gupta

    The fine print

    Why has the market for graphic prints never developed in India?

  • 14-Oct-2012 | Gargi Gupta

    More comfort in buying art online: Nish Bhutani

    Interview with chief operating officer, Saffronart

  • 30-Sep-2012 | Gargi Gupta

    Against the gallery

    By getting artists directly and giving them an open platform to reach out to audiences, United Art Fair has taken a radical route. Will it work?

  • 22-Sep-2012 | Gargi Gupta

    Master prints

    Yet another art fair gets off the ground in the Capital - this one with Raja Deen Dayal as its USP

  • 16-Sep-2012 | Gargi Gupta

    They joined the fight

    Painter-writer J Swaminathan and writer-artist Richard Bartholomew were two key, and lively, figures of the Delhi art world of the 20th century. Their sons seek to rescue their legacy

  • 08-Sep-2012 | Gargi Gupta

    Distress sale?

    Whether Air India decides to sell its art or not, the publicity surrounding it has turned the focus on a historically important and little seen collection.

  • 01-Sep-2012 | Gargi Gupta

    Sculpted in gold

    Subodh Gupta?s work of art made of one kg of gold goes under the hammer this month

  • 18-Aug-2012 | Gargi Gupta

    Lie of the land

    Important works by Indian landscape artists since the 18th century are the subject of a major new exhibition

  • 11-Aug-2012 | Gargi Gupta

    Fast films

    The 48 Hour Film Project is a unique contest that tests film makers on speed as much as creativity

  • 04-Aug-2012 | Gargi Gupta

    Too close for comfort

    Tiger tourism draws more than 2 million visitors a year to the remote areas where most reserves are. How will the ban on tourism in core areas affect people as well as wildlife?

  • 21-Jul-2012 | Gargi Gupta

    O for India

    Oprah was here in January, and the footage is now on her talk show.

  • 01-Jul-2012 | Gargi Gupta

    People for tigers combines online crowdsourcing and stripe-recognition technology to monitor the big cats of Bandhavgarh and Ranthambhore

  • 09-Jun-2012 | Gargi Gupta

    Price palette of M F Husain's works

    M F Husain died on this day a year ago. The value of his works was expected to escalate after his death.

  • 13-May-2012 | Gargi Gupta

    Structural vision

    The architectural landmarks, and a few interiors, of Delhi from the 1950s to 1980s, captured when they were crisp and new

  • 05-May-2012 | Gargi Gupta

    Pop goes the store

    Pop-up stores are a new rage with fashion and design boutique stores