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  • 01-Feb-2018 | Govindraj Ethiraj

    Data can be next oil only if it flows freely

    Data must be gathered and disseminated swiftly; else it will lead to proxy efforts which will create further confusion

  • 24-Oct-2017 | Govindraj Ethiraj

    Satya Nadella's word file

    Book review of 'Hit Refresh: The Quest to Rediscover Microsoft's Soul and Imagine a Better Future for Everyone'

  • 28-Apr-2017 | Govindraj Ethiraj

    Our world in 2050

    Technology has touched all of us in ways we never imagined

  • 20-Mar-2017 | Govindraj Ethiraj

    Killer apps that shook the world

    Both Uber and Airbnb were born around 2007-08, just as the iPhone was making its way into the world

  • 29-Oct-2016 | Govindraj Ethiraj

    Cyber syndromes

    A 'cyberpsychologist' has written a thought-provoking book on how the internet is altering our behaviour in fundamental ways

  • 26-Jul-2016 | Govindraj Ethiraj

    Our digital lives tomorrow

    Defining and understanding these 12 technological forces and how they will shape our future in the next 30 years is the thrust of The Inevitable

  • 11-Jul-2016 | Govindraj Ethiraj

    Govindraj Ethiraj: Fintech fear for our financial markets

    Banking is first about trust and integrity and then about technology and the rest

  • 25-May-2016 | Govindraj Ethiraj

    Govindraj Ethiraj: Better cities, not just better air

    Measures that will make Indian cities more organised and liveable need to be implemented to tackle the menace of pollution

  • 26-Apr-2016 | Govindraj Ethiraj | IndiaSpend

    9 reasons why India's rising credit card debt should worry you

    The data needs to be seen in the light of slower industrial credit as well as declining debit card spends

  • 23-Apr-2016 | Govindraj Ethiraj

    Programmed to deceive

    A new book explains the frightening evolution of cyber-warfare and suggests that it's not just governments but organisations too that are vulnerable

  • 23-Nov-2015 | Govindraj Ethiraj

    Govindraj Ethiraj: Designing Swachh Bharat differently

    Raising money through a cess to fund the government's ongoing cleanliness and sanitation campaign suggests that the intial round of efforts did not achieve the objectives fully

  • 22-Apr-2015 | Govindraj Ethiraj

    Lessons from an early venture capitalist

    To Venture & To Build by T Thomas, is the story of Indus Venture Funds, perhaps the first venture fund to start in early days of post-liberalisation India

  • 02-Mar-2015 | Govindraj Ethiraj|

    Budget 2015: A layer of jam for individual empowerment

    The Government has coined the acronym - JAM which stands for Jan Dhan Yojana (the bank account effort), Aadhaar and Mobile, in some ways representing the confluence of money, identity and mobility

  • 18-Jan-2015 | Govindraj Ethiraj|

    Quietly, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu outrace Gujarat

    A state like Maharashtra achieves almost as much as Gujarat with seemingly less effort

  • 13-Nov-2014 | Govindraj Ethiraj

    An ecosystem for hackers, geniuses and geeks

    When Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter, began taking credit for 'inventing' Twitter, another co-founder, Evan Williams, said: 'No, you didn't invent Twitter ... People don't invent things on the internet. They simply expand on an idea that already ...

  • 29-Oct-2014 | Govindraj Ethiraj

    Google's smart creatives

    Remember Google Books, the grand project to digitise all the books on earth? It began in 2002 when Co-Founder Larry Page was wondering if it was possible to make every book ever published searchable online.Do you know how Mr Page initiated the ...

  • 01-Jul-2014 | Govindraj Ethiraj

    The poor little rich man

    Sahara, The Untold Story provides interesting and rare insights into how the regulators - mostly RBI in this case - went after Roy like hounds

  • 07-Jun-2014 | Govindraj Ethiraj

    The Branson story you didn't know

    Tom Bower's new book offers an alternative view of entrepreneur Richard Branson, drawing attention to the need to dig deeper into business excesses

  • 29-Mar-2014 | Govindraj Ethiraj

    The snoop who's still in the cold

    A book on one of the most enigmatic young men of the 21st century tries to decipher what made the 29-year-old Edward Snowden blow the whistle on the world's most powerful spying agency

  • 03-Feb-2014 | Govindraj Ethiraj

    Govindraj Ethiraj: Has Aadhaar lost its foundation?

    The decision to discontinue paying cooking gas subsidies in Aadhaar-linked bank accounts is a big blow to the UIDAI programme. But does it imply that the 'portable' and 'dynamic' identity system is hi

  • 04-Dec-2013 | Govindraj Ethiraj

    Conquering Earth to reach the moon

    Most successful entrepreneurs have managed not to stray from their primary vision. Jeff Bezos is no exception. From the time he founded Amazon in 1994 with $10,000 of his own cash, he stuck to a single belief. It was that the web had the power to ...

  • 08-May-2013 | Govindraj Ethiraj

    Saving the farm

    Vijay Govindarajan & Chris Trimble use the analogy of a farm to highlight the change challenges that companies

  • 08-Mar-2013 | Govindraj Ethiraj

    Is Rajat Gupta guilty? Does it matter?

    Sandipan Deb's account lacks the feel of ringside action but provides a good understanding of the world and motives of this Indian poster boyFirst things first. Sandipan Deb, the writer of Fallen Angel, does not appear to have stalked the courtrooms ...

  • 19-Sep-2012 | Govindraj Ethiraj

    Unconventional wisdom

    “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world. The unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends upon the unreasonable man.

  • 08-Sep-2012 | Govindraj Ethiraj

    Starbucks coffee for the soul

    The founder's comeback story is all about passion and nous