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  • 19-Sep-2015 | Harsh Vardhan

    Harsh Vardhan: More transparent bank licensing

    There should be a clearer linking of the eligibility prescribed in the guidelines and the award of a licence. Our understanding of what it takes to get a bank licence at the end of this process is no

  • 23-Aug-2015 | Harsh Vardhan

    Asus Zenfone 2 Laser: Minimalistic, yet sleek & sharp

    You might be curious to know what this 13MP Laser focus camera is all about and how it works

  • 16-Aug-2015 | Harsh Vardhan

    Oppo N3: Beautiful, but too big

    The power-packed phone has a great camera but is heavy and lacks elegance expected for this price

  • 15-Aug-2015 | Harsh Vardhan

    Top speed on the information highway

    The author lists some smartphones that will take you to the next level

  • 10-Aug-2015 | Harsh Vardhan

    OnePlus 2 is here to score big

    It is a worthy successor to the company's last flagship

  • 02-Aug-2015 | Harsh Vardhan

    Moto G: Less weight, more power

    First look at the Moto G's latest iteration

  • 26-Jul-2015 | Harsh Vardhan

    Instax Wide 300: Takes you back in time

    Polaroid was probably the most fascinating device for visual reproduction

  • 19-Jul-2015 | Harsh Vardhan

    Xperia Z3+: Great device, but at a price

    The 5.2-inch (1,080x1,920) all-glass Xperia Z3+ is beautiful to look at

  • 12-Jul-2015 | Harsh Vardhan

    iBall mSLR Cobalt 4: Great camera but what else?

    iBall's mSLR Cobalt 4 comes with extra lenses in the box, which add value to the images clicked; without the lenses, the stock camera is nothing to write home about, while the other features don't imp

  • 05-Jul-2015 | Harsh Vardhan

    Canon EOS 750D: Entry-level DSLR with advanced features

    Buy this camera if you can afford; but you need to buy better lenses to realise its full potential

  • 29-Jun-2015 | Harsh Vardhan

    Lumia 640: Microsoft's budget warrior

    At Rs 11,999, the Lumia 640 is not a bad buy for anyone who is not rigid about opting for Android smartphones

  • 28-Jun-2015 | Harsh Vardhan

    iBall Brace X1: Can replace your laptop

    An impressive large screen, smooth processing and a huge battery, this one provides most of the features you seek in a tablet

  • 14-Jun-2015 | Harsh Vardhan

    Top choices in the middle

    Two new mid-range smartphones from Sony and HTC that will live up to your expectations

  • 07-Jun-2015 | Harsh Vardhan

    HTC One M9+ thrills but price kills

    HTC, the Taiwanese smartphone maker, never fails to impress me with the sleek design and powerful features of its high-end gadgets

  • 24-May-2015 | Harsh Vardhan

    Micromax 2-in-1: An OK buy

    The 10.1-inch Laptab looks sleek and is not very heavy at about 1.1 kg

  • 17-May-2015 | Harsh Vardhan

    Get set for a 'Yuphoria'

    YU Televentures' second smartphone is worth a look

  • 10-May-2015 | Harsh Vardhan

    Review: The Lumia 640XL is bigger, but not exactly better

    The first smartphone I used was a Lumia 710. It worked just right for more than a year, and then I moved on to an Android-based device. Though a Windows phone always sends me on a nostalgia trip, I have not felt the desire to use one after switching ...

  • 05-Apr-2015 | Harsh Vardhan

    Redmi 2 and Lenovo A6000: Affordable and impressive

    We take a look at two affordable smartphones that have much to offer to get users hooked to them

  • 29-Mar-2015 | Harsh Vardhan

    Honor 6 Plus cuts a dashing figure

    Is the 6 Plus capable of competing with other flagship devices?

  • 25-Jan-2015 | Harsh Vardhan

    Oppo R5: Size-zero obsession

    Oppo R5 is a good smartphone, but the company has made some compromises to make the device look sleek

  • 25-Jan-2015 | Harsh Vardhan

    Technically sound audio

    Music on the go has almost become a necessity for many of late. And that has called for good headphones, which offer a remarkable audio experience. Most smartphone producers have understood this fact and have been providing a decent pair of ...

  • 18-Jan-2015 | Harsh Vardhan

    Micromax's 'Yureka' moment

    Recently, Micromax launched a subsidiary company, Yu Televentures

  • 10-Jan-2015 | Harsh Vardhan

    Harsh Vardhan: Mispricing risk, repressing borrowers

    Banks use capital kept cheap by regulators to underprice risk in lending. This is a huge transfer from depositors to borrowers - an integral part of Indian financial repression

  • 03-Jan-2015 | Harsh Vardhan

    Worth a shot!

    With a good zoom and fine pixel density, Canon's PowerShot SX520 provides a hassle-free clicking experience

  • 28-Dec-2014 | Harsh Vardhan

    Gadgets to look out for

    With the world of technology evolving at a rapid pace, 2014 witnessed a sea change in terms of the gadgets that arrived to the party. In more ways than one, they have changed the way we lead our lives and have simplified a lot of things. The advent ...