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  • 13-Jun-2015 | Joel Rai

    The Great Indian Bandobast

    Well, now that Maggi and mid-day meal eggs have been banned - temporarily most mothers are hoping - a friend was wondering if he should demand that beer also be put to the test and be banned forthwith. Apparently, not even six bottles are giving him ...

  • 30-May-2015 | Joel Rai

    Lend me your ears

    I can well imagine that if I was an otologist I would surely have a television set as a patient at least once during my career

  • 16-May-2015 | Joel Rai

    Human resources deployment

    Nitin Gadkari has put the cat among the p...p…p… pigeons - and the p… p… p… policymakers are beaming. The p… p… p… prime minister has, in fact, created an entire ministry that will look at p… p… p… projects to cash in on the free, but useful, ...

  • 16-May-2015 | Joel Rai

    Come froth, India

    Aimed at the youthful urbanite who hankers after taste rather than a high, India's first bottled craft beer is a playful combination of new tastes

  • 14-May-2015 | Joel Rai

    Human resources deployment

    Nitin Gadkari has put the cat among the p...p…p… pigeons - and the p… p… p… policymakers are beaming

  • 02-May-2015 | Joel Rai

    Level up: Games for the times

    Pack Man: This used to be a popular game, the favourite of bored office workers and computer operators a long, long time ago. Only fossilised beings spoke lovingly of it till it was revived recently - and rather suddenly too. The new game requires ...

  • 02-May-2015 | Joel Rai

    Don't sweat it

    Yes, the temperature might be in the 40s. But a Flexi jacket can keep you looking cool

  • 18-Apr-2015 | Joel Rai

    All work, all weak

    So there was this group of highly placed bureaucrats who had been tasked with determining whether the government should enforce a five-day week culture in all working establishments of the country. The group slouched into the conference room, ...

  • 18-Apr-2015 | Joel Rai

    That streak in the sky

    It's man-made, it's 450 tonnes in weight and yet glides brightly across the sky. The author tells you how you can see the International Space Station from your city

  • 04-Apr-2015 | Joel Rai

    Love, six and dhokha

    Mustafa Kamal has resigned.Mustafa who?Oh madam, you know, our cricket guy.Is he the fellow who bowled that ball to the Indians that lost us the match?No, no, madam prime minister. Mustafa Kamal is, or was, maybe still is, ICC president.Is… was? ...

  • 21-Mar-2015 | Joel Rai

    Ruminations in high places

    The prime minister had called an emergency meeting of the cabinet recently. Here is what happened, but because of the provisions of the Official Secrets Act, the names of the participants have been changed.PM: I have called this meeting because we ...

  • 07-Mar-2015 | Joel Rai

    Home is where the heat is

    One term is making a lot of din in the offices of the Indian National Congress. It is a borrowed term, but then its suitability to the situation has divested it of any political rancour. The term, of course, is ghar wapsi, and it crops up every time ...

  • 07-Mar-2015 | Joel Rai

    Up next: Driverless cars

    Is it time to give your driver the golden handshake? With driverless cars, the day is not too far away

  • 05-Mar-2015 | Joel Rai

    Newsmaker: Jagmohan Dalmiya

    His BCCI odyssey comes full circle

  • 02-Mar-2015 | Joel Rai

    Dalmiya comes with baggage that BCCI could do without

    The intense dogfight between Dalmiya and Pawar factions will never, for certain, be conducive to open, transparent and ethics-led administration in BCCI

  • 28-Feb-2015 | Joel Rai

    Mahendra Singh Dhoni: Is Captain Cool for real?

    A new biography asks the question but struggles for an answer

  • 28-Feb-2015 | Joel Rai

    Your kitchen just got souped up

    No doubt, the new Soup Maker launched by Philips is a nifty device, but is it a necessity

  • 23-Feb-2015 | Joel Rai

    Revival, or is India only living up to its ranking?

    Two big victories and the Indian fan has forgiven the men in blue. Joel Rai digs a little further

  • 21-Feb-2015 | Joel Rai

    Suit yourself

    When Prime Minister Narendra Modi's advisers, taken aback by the dressing down they got on social media, chatterati circles, television studios and at the hustings, realised that sartorial customisation might not be the man's strongest suit, they ...

  • 21-Feb-2015 | Joel Rai

    Wine tasting: Red, white and a bit of the nose

    A tasting experience with two very affordable but pleasant wines from Hardys, Australia, leaves author longing to take the bottles home