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  • 16-Aug-2019 | Joseph E Stiglitz

    Trump's deficit economy

    Redistribution from the bottom to the top reduces aggregate demand, because those at the top spend a smaller fraction of their income than those below

  • 09-Jul-2019 | Joseph E Stiglitz

    Thumbs down to Facebook's cryptocurrency

    Technology has enabled us to complete transactions efficiently with good protection. The last thing we need is a new vehicle for nurturing illicit activities

  • 04-Jun-2019 | Joseph E Stiglitz

    After neoliberalism

    Progressive capitalism represents the best chance we have of escaping our current economic and political malaise

  • 10-Apr-2019 | Joseph E Stiglitz

    Trump's most worrisome legacy

    Trump is a disrupting personality, and after he's gone, we may well reflect on how such a deranged and morally challenged person could have been elected president of the world's most powerful country

  • 20-Mar-2019 | Joseph E Stiglitz

    Market concentration is hurting US economy

    The federal budget deficit will reach $900 billion this year, and will surpass the $1 trillion mark every year after 2021

  • 14-Feb-2019 | Joseph E Stiglitz

    How can we tax footloose MNCs?

    Apple has become the poster child for corporate tax avoidance

  • 15-Jan-2019 | Joseph E Stiglitz

    From Yellow Vests to the Green New Deal

    By the numbers, France looks better than most, but it is perceptions, not numbers, that matter; even in France, which avoided some of the extremism of the Reagan-Thatcher era

  • 05-Dec-2018 | Joseph E Stiglitz

    Well-being beyond GDP

    If we want to put people first, we have to know what matters to them, what improves their wellbeing, and how we can supply more of whatever that is

  • 06-Nov-2018 | Joseph E Stiglitz

    Can US democracy come back?

    America's ideals of freedom, democracy, and justice for all may never have been fully realised, but now they are under open attack

  • 15-Oct-2018 | Joseph E Stiglitz

    People vs money in US midterm elections

    As America's future hangs in the balance, impassioned debates about what caused the 2016 outcome are more than academic

  • 27-Aug-2018 | Joseph E Stiglitz |NYT

    The inequality enablers

    It's now very clear that globalisation, technology and market liberalisation did not bring their promised benefits