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  • 25-May-2010 | Kalpana Jain

    Govt to crack down on eateries for hygiene before Games

    In preparation for Commonwealth Games 2010, the government plans to bring in stringent norms for restaurants to ensure hygiene standards. Food handlers will be required to observe minimum basic standards of hygienic practices such as wearing caps ...

  • 14-May-2010 | Kalpana Jain

    States to ensure safety, maintenance of dams

    The Centre has decided to put the onus on state governments for ensuring safety and maintenance of dams across the country. The Union Cabinet today approved a draft legislation on dam safety measures that was earlier circulated to all states.

  • 13-May-2010 | Kalpana Jain & Sharmistha Mukherjee

    India set to revolutionise use of green technology in 10 years

    The development of the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC), with an investment of over $110 billion over the next ten years, could bolster India’s chances of becoming the global workshop for geotechnologies.

  • 12-May-2010 | Kalpana Jain & Sharmistha Mukherjee

    India rolls out the smart-city way of living

    India is finally set to give shape to its futuristic smart cities — world-class, self-sustainable habitats with minimal pollution levels, maximum recycling, optimised energy supplies and efficient public transportation.

  • 05-May-2010 | Kalpana Jain & Kirtika Suneja

    Environment clearance panels set for rejig

    In-principle green approvals scrapped.

  • 02-May-2010 | Kalpana Jain

    Green tribunal in two months likely

    The government is expected to set up the National Green Tribunal, the first judicial body to deal exclusively with environmental laws, over the next two months or so. The Chief Justice of India will help select its chairman. Lok Sabha passed the ...

  • 01-May-2010 | Kalpana Jain

    Govt may revive hydel project on Bhagirathi

    The government is taking a fresh look at the 600 Mw Loharinag-Pala hydel project on the Bhagirathi river following an expert committee report cautioning against stopping work at an advanced stage, as it might be disastrous for an active seismic ...

  • 27-Apr-2010 | Kalpana Jain

    Brahmaputra project opens floodgate of issues at 3-day Indo-China water meet

    Top Indian and Chinese water experts are meeting in New Delhi from today to discuss mechanisms for sharing of hydrological data on the Sutlej and Brahmaputra rivers, among other issues.

  • 23-Apr-2010 | Kalpana Jain

    Water charges for industry set to rise

    Industry may soon have to pay a lot more for the water it uses. The Union government is in talks with various state governments to draft a model Bill that would lead to a multi-fold increase in water charges for industry, senior government officials ...

  • 14-Apr-2010 | Kalpana Jain

    2 Ladakh hydel projects on agenda of Indo-Pak meet

    India’s proposed Nimoo Bazgo and Chutak hydel projects are expected to be on the agenda when the Indus Water Commissioners of India and Pakistan get together for their annual meeting, here next month.

  • 06-Apr-2010 | Kalpana Jain

    Targets for industry to improve energy efficiency this year

    All decks are being cleared to launch by April 2011 a scheme to assign energy efficiency improvement targets to India’s most energy-intensive industrial units under the Prime Minister’s Council on Climate Change.

  • 30-Mar-2010 | Kalpana Jain

    Urine-processing technologies yield rich cash flow potential

    The stink is out of urine, literally and metaphorically, with a growing number of researchers spotting commercial and ecological value in a liquid most people consider waste.

  • 22-Mar-2010 | Kalpana Jain

    'Government should be guarantor of healthcare'

    Encouraged by government subsidies, as private health sector takes on a leading role, not just in India, but now in its offshore acquisitions, president of the Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI), Dr K Srinath Reddy, argues that the state ...

  • 07-Mar-2010 | Kalpana Jain

    Government lab faults Mahyco's study of pest resistance to Bt cotton

    The Central Institute for Cotton Research (CICR), the cotton research institute of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, has contested Monsanto’s claim that the pink bollworm, a pest that feeds on cotton, has developed resistance to its ...

  • 04-Mar-2010 | Kalpana Jain

    Health care: Budget cutback to fuel pvt expansion

    The government has cut the budgets of some major central government funded public hospitals, indicating there could be more private sector expansion in health care.

  • 02-Mar-2010 | Kalpana Jain

    Tea with BS: MS Swaminathan

    Brinjal battles

  • 26-Feb-2010 | Sunil Jain & Kalpana Jain

    'Unrecognised schools hardly have any teaching'

    Q&A: Kapil Sibal, Minister, HRD

  • 25-Feb-2010 | Kalpana Jain

    Curb on Bt brinjal may not last long

    While the moratorium on the commercial introduction of Bt brinjal will continue for now, it may not last indefinitely. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who addressed the issue among his combative ministerial colleagues this evening, is said to have ...

  • 22-Feb-2010 | Kalpana Jain

    India to resist dilution of multilateral platform

    India will resist all attempts by the United States and other industrialised countries to move climate change talks out of the United Nation’s multilateral process, reiterated Union environment minister Jairam Ramesh.

  • 21-Feb-2010 | Kalpana Jain

    PSU vaccine factories set to return from the dead

    Huge shortage makes government rethink decision to close.