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  • 26-Nov-2021 | Kenneth Rogoff

    Biden's wise Fed choice

    By choosing continuity, Mr Biden accomplished several things at once

  • 04-Oct-2021 | Kenneth Rogoff

    China's housing conundrum

    As impressive as China has been at building roads, bridges, and houses, its real estate construction boom is coming to an end, and there is no reason to expect a smooth landing

  • 15-Jan-2021 | Kenneth Rogoff

    Fairer way to help developing economies

    The proposed Green New Deal in the United States and the European Commission's European Green Deal have laudable environmental goals but are too inward-looking

  • 11-May-2020 | Kenneth Rogoff

    The case for deeply negative interest rates

    Such a policy, backed up by measures to prevent cash hoarding by financial firms, can solve many of today's problems

  • 11-Mar-2020 | Kenneth Rogoff

    That 1970s feeling

    Next global recession could be around the corner and it may look a lot different from those that began in 2001 and 2008

  • 14-Jan-2020 | Kenneth Rogoff

    The inequality debate we need

    Rich countries need to start thinking about how to deal with global energy inequality before it's too late

  • 10-Sep-2019 | Kenneth Rogoff

    Benefits of a progressive consumption tax

    In an environment where wealth inequality is rising inexorably, the case for a new tax system has become increasingly compelling

  • 06-Aug-2019 | Kenneth Rogoff

    What about Rochester?

    The rise of megacities as centres of strong job creation is one of the defining characteristics of the twenty-first-century global economy

  • 12-Jul-2019 | Kenneth Rogoff

    The case for a World Carbon Bank

    It is high time to create a new, focused agency, a World Carbon Bank, that provides a vehicle for advanced economies to coordinate aid and technical transfer

  • 07-May-2019 | Kenneth Rogoff

    Leave the renminbi out of US-China trade talks

    The accusation that China is manipulating the exchange rate is completely out of touch with recent history

  • 04-Apr-2019 | Kenneth Rogoff

    Elizabeth Warren's big ideas on Big Tech

    Warren is courageous because Big Tech is big money for most leading Democratic candidates, particularly progressives, for whom California is a veritable campaign-financing ATM

  • 30-Jan-2019 | Kenneth Rogoff

    Risks to the global economy in 2019

    The biggest economic risks will emerge in those areas where investors think recent patterns are unlikely to change

  • 07-Jan-2019 | Kenneth Rogoff

    Central bankers' fiscal constraints

    The ones serious about preparing for recessions should be looking hard at proposals for how to pay interest on money, both positive and negative, which is by far the most elegant solution

  • 13-Dec-2018 | Kenneth Rogoff

    Betting on dystopia

    The ultimate obstacle for any cryptocurrency is that eventually there has to be a way to buy a range of goods and services beyond illicit drugs and hit men

  • 01-Dec-2018 | Kenneth Rogoff

    Why human chess still survives

    Rather than dying, chess has thrived. This is partly because the advent of computers and computer databases has made chess a truly universal sport

  • 24-Oct-2018 | Kenneth Rogoff

    Crazy rich Asia

    In just a few decades, Singapore has caught up with Denmark but economists are divided whether to credit 'institutions' or 'culture'

  • 06-Sep-2018 | Kenneth Rogoff

    The regional costs of Venezuela's collapse

    Recent tsunami of Venezuelan refugees is causing massive problems for Colombia

  • 12-Aug-2018 | Kenneth Rogoff

    Trump's policies hurting long-term US growth?

    Many of the regulations the US president is targeting ought to be strengthened, not eliminated

  • 03-Jul-2018 | Kenneth Rogoff

    Big tech is a big problem

    There are many reasons for slow productivity growth, not least a decade of low investment in the wake of the 2008 global financial crisis

  • 12-Jun-2018 | Kenneth Rogoff

    EMs: Canary in financial coal mine?

    Even if any emerging-market bond meltdown remains contained, recent jitters ought to be a wake-up call, even for advanced economies