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  • 23-Oct-2018 | Latha Jishnu | The Wire

    An unholy mess: How BJP is using Sabarimala issue to make inroads in Kerala

    The protests against Sabarimala verdict have exposed the ingrained obscurantism beneath the veneer of a progressive society and the cynical politics of religion that is at play

  • 27-Mar-2013 | Latha Jishnu

    Elusive hunt for skills and jobs

    Budget outlays will not do much for job creation or readying youth for skilled work

  • 26-Mar-2013 | Latha Jishnu

    Why scientists don't back Novartis' patent claims

    Novartis is attempting to abuse the patent system to extend its monopoly, say scientists

  • 25-Dec-2012 | Latha Jishnu

    Indications of a geographic muddle

    The GI craze in India is as inexplicable as the ways in which the Registry grants it

  • 25-Jul-2011 | Latha Jishnu

    Cotton saga unravels

    Cotton has been the biggest success story in Indian agriculture since the Green Revolution. In a country struggling with stagnant yields in most crops, production has soared from 13.6 million bales (each bale is 170 kg) in 2002-03 to 31.2 mb in ...

  • 26-Apr-2011 | Latha Jishnu & Jyotika Sood

    A new patron for biotech industry

    The Department of Biotechnology is playing venture capitalist to private companies to push agri research.

  • 24-Jun-2010 | Latha Jishnu

    Latha Jishnu: An odd royalty calculus

    Monsanto's way of calculating royalty on its Bt cotton seeds raises serious questions about how tenable it is

  • 22-Jun-2010 | Latha Jishnu

    Lunch with BS: Richard Jefferson

    Science is for people

  • 10-Jun-2010 | Latha Jishnu

    Latha Jishnu: Waking up to ACTA

    India is finally sounding the alarm on a secretive pact by a cabal of rich nations to ramp up IP enforcement measures

  • 28-May-2010 | Latha Jishnu

    Battle royal over Bt cotton royalty

    A quiet but determined battle is being fought in the courts, and outside, by US agricultural biotech giant Monsanto, its Indian affiliates and seed lobbyists to free the prices of genetically modified Bt cotton from state government control. At ...

  • 27-May-2010 | Latha Jishnu

    Latha Jishnu: Who's afraid of Synthia?

    Venter's patent application for his synthetic cell creation has set off a frenzied debate on monopolies in genetic research

  • 19-May-2010 | Latha Jishnu

    Exporting disease, making a killing

    This is without question one of the scariest books I’ve read in recent times. Ethan Watters, a San Francisco-based journalist and author who explores social trends for publications such as Wired and The New York Times Magazine, has written a ...

  • 13-May-2010 | Latha Jishnu

    Latha Jishnu: The Roche test

    The Valcyte case is vital as it bars incremental innovation and recognises the right of patient groups to oppose patents

  • 29-Apr-2010 | Latha Jishnu

    Latha Jishnu: Strong medicine

    Ecuador is issuing compulsory licences to bring down the cost of patented medicine. Is India likely to follow suit?

  • 15-Apr-2010 | Latha Jishnu

    Latha Jishnu: Beware the EU agenda

    Tough intellectual property rights sought by the EU in its free trade agreement with India have set off global protests

  • 08-Apr-2010 | Latha Jishnu

    Latha Jishnu: The big black hole

    The Lafarge mining case has highlighted the appalling weakness of the environmental clearance procedures at all levels

  • 01-Apr-2010 | Latha Jishnu

    Latha Jishnu: Not a nice trait to have

    Monsanto is back in the courts on the issue of royalty or trait fees it charges for its genetically modified Bt cotton

  • 27-Mar-2010 | Latha Jishnu

    Latha Jishnu: Seeking a new sweetheart deal

    India needs to be creative to make the most of a dramatic shift in the global LNG market.

  • 19-Mar-2010 | Latha Jishnu

    The twist in the Kondh struggle

    Towards the end of 2009, the state government’s Lanjigarh Area Hospital, in the Lanjigarh block of Orissa’s Kalahandi district, was ‘contracted out’ to Vedanta Alumina Ltd (VAL). This was done under an agreement signed ...

  • 18-Mar-2010 | Latha Jishnu

    Latha Jishnu: Let's hear it for Brazil

    Brazil plans to break IP rights on American drugs, music, software and movies as retaliation for its cotton subsidies