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  • 22-Jun-2015 | Rohit Nautiyal

    Voltas: Shared 'smart'ness

    Voltas' endearing character Murthy is back to push the company's latest offering, a smart AC

  • 25-May-2015 | Rohit Nautiyal

    Cutting through the noise

    Why brands are looking at native advertising as a crucial part of their digital mix

  • 25-May-2015 | Rohit Nautiyal

    Campaign logic: Looking past the obvious

    In a category driven by deals, MakeMyTrip's new campaign tries to stand out by tugging at the heartstrings

  • 18-May-2015 | Rohit Nautiyal

    A trip down memory lane

    In its maiden advertising campaign, traditional beverage brand, Paper Boat, has stayed off the beaten track

  • 11-May-2015 | Rohit Nautiyal

    Jugaad is both a necessity and a hobby: Navi Radjou & Jaideep Prabhu

    Interview with Fellow, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge and Jawaharlal Nehru Professor of Indian Business & Director of the Centre for India & Global Business, Judge Business Sch

  • 04-May-2015 | Ankita Rai, Sonali Chowdhury & Rohit Nautiyal

    Start-up blues

    Managing human resources remains a major and under-appreciated challenge for most start-ups

  • 20-Apr-2015 | Rohit Nautiyal

    Is IPL the safest property to invest in?

    Over the years, Brand IPL (Indian Premier League) has been in the news for both right and wrong reasons. While in its early editions, brands looking to cash in on IPL's popularity followed a 'wait-watch-spend' approach, today, associating with this ...

  • 06-Apr-2015 | Rohit Nautiyal

    When it pays to go slow

    Here's what it takes to resist the temptation to tom-tom your brand and focus on delivering on the promise

  • 06-Apr-2015 | Ankita Rai & Rohit Nautiyal

    Data vs judgment

    With the adoption of the digital-first strategy in many newsrooms, social data is increasingly being used to assess story performance, modify placement of stories, headline selection and so on. In fact, postmortems of news articles conducted by ...

  • 30-Mar-2015 | Rohit Nautiyal

    The perils of fine targeting

    Marketers must resist the urge to define their target groups too soon. Else, they must prepare to face brand positioning roadblocks

  • 09-Mar-2015 | Rohit Nautiyal

    From good to great strategy meetings

    How do the most effective executives run the meetings that fill their calendars?

  • 23-Feb-2015 | Ankita Rai & Rohit Nautiyal

    Making the most of data

    Predictive analytics is helping e-commerce companies improve their conversion rates. Here's how

  • 09-Feb-2015 | Rohit Nautiyal & Sayantani Kar

    Yum mounts store attack

    Pizza Hut and KFC's parent counters declining same store sales by adding stores

  • 09-Feb-2015 | Rohit Nautiyal & Sonali Chowdhury

    The demise of a star brand

    When the time comes, a company must kill its star product. Here's how to go about it for maximum impact, little damage

  • 19-Jan-2015 | Rohit Nautiyal

    Making a difference

    As more global QSR chains target India as their next big market, the battle for supremacy will be won by delivering a unique customer experience

  • 05-Jan-2015 | Rohit Nautiyal

    It is not healthy to build temporary capabilities: Praveen Sinha

    Interview with Co-founder & MD, Jabong

  • 29-Dec-2014 | Rohit Nautiyal

    GlaxoSmithKline: Fast-tracking innovation

    To combat the slowdown, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare upped the ante with speedy innovation in its product portfolio

  • 29-Dec-2014 | Rohit Nautiyal

    Micromax: Riding the wave

    Aided by a mobile telephony wave in India, here's how Micromax developed immunity against the downturn

  • 22-Dec-2014 | Rohit Nautiyal

    Cloud computing is not only about cost-cutting: Sanjay Manchanda

    Director, Office 365, Microsoft Corporation

  • 08-Dec-2014 | Rohit Nautiyal

    MNCs look beyond statistics to understand consumer mindsets

    Jettisoning traditional perceptions about Indian consumers, multinationals are tweaking their research and product strategies to get more out of India