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  • 08-Jun-2015 | Sonali Chowdhury

    Striking the right chord

    In a highly unorganised market, Tanishq looks to demonstrate the difference standardisation can bring about

  • 01-Jun-2015 | Sonali Chowdhury

    We don't just want to sell phones: Manu Jain

    Interview with India Head, Xiaomi

  • 18-May-2015 | Sonali Chowdhury

    The customer delight conundrum

    In an increasingly competitive environment, satisfying a customer on the after-sales parameter is as important as selling the product itself. Here's how you can use analytics to strengthen the functio

  • 04-May-2015 | Ankita Rai, Sonali Chowdhury & Rohit Nautiyal

    Start-up blues

    Managing human resources remains a major and under-appreciated challenge for most start-ups

  • 20-Apr-2015 | Sonali Chowdhury

    Ready for take-off?

    Warehousing and logistics will be the key challenges for online firms joining the grocery retail party

  • 20-Apr-2015 | Sonali Chowdhury

    The best deals are driven by strategy, not opportunity: Robert F Bruner

    Interview with Dean, Darden School of Business, University of Virginia

  • 13-Apr-2015 | Sonali Chowdhury

    A minor glitch or a setback?

    When HRD minister Smriti Irani raised her voice against apparel manufacturer Fabindia for allegedly placing cameras pointed at the trial rooms in one of its stores in Goa, it set off a huge reaction both online and offline

  • 30-Mar-2015 | Sonali Chowdhury

    Win back lost customers

    With a cross-channel retargeting strategy, brands can improve customer conversion rates

  • 23-Mar-2015 | Sonali Chowdhury & Ankita Rai

    Making design thinking work

    Discussion board: Design Thinking

  • 16-Mar-2015 | Sonali Chowdhury

    In the smartphone market you cannot make a mark with just one product: Peter Chang

    Interview with Region head, South asia & Country manager, system business group, Asus India

  • 09-Mar-2015 | Ankita Rai & Sonali Chowdhury

    From feedback to feedforward

    Now some smart companies are moving to a 'feedforward' assessment and employee coaching system

  • 16-Feb-2015 | Sonali Chowdhury

    Not just a quick fix

    In a globally competitive work environment, with high attrition rates and continuous fight for talent, long-term flexibility policies can step in to save the day

  • 09-Feb-2015 | Rohit Nautiyal & Sonali Chowdhury

    The demise of a star brand

    When the time comes, a company must kill its star product. Here's how to go about it for maximum impact, little damage

  • 09-Feb-2015 | Ankita Rai & Sonali Chowdhury

    Making sense of mobile gaming data

    Have Indian marketers woken up to the opportunities mobile gaming as a platform offers or do they continue to underestimate its potential?

  • 19-Jan-2015 | Sonali Chowdhury

    Generating demand is often difficult for social innovators: Madeleine Gabriel

    Interview with principal researcher, NESTA

  • 29-Dec-2014 | Sonali Chowdhury

    Jyothy Laboratories: Sparkling colours

    Jyothy Laboratories invested in tweaking its product portfolio, sourcing and marketing and came out stronger from the slowdown

  • 03-Nov-2014 | Sonali Chowdhury

    Marketers are no longer in charge of their brands: Jagdish N Sheth

    Interview with Charles H Kellstadt Professor of Marketing, Emory University, Goizueta Business School

  • 20-Oct-2014 | Devina Joshi, Ankita Rai & Sonali Chowdhury

    Preparing for the big sale

    With the festive season underway, retailers in the online and the offline world need to prepare well to offer the best deals to consumers and earn trust

  • 29-Sep-2014 | Sonali Chowdhury

    Making loyalty pay

    How do you identify potential high-value customers and convert them into loyal consumers? Here are five steps to help guide your customer loyalty strategy