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  • 18-Aug-2012 | Suparna Bhalla

    The notion of a nation

    It’s a widely acknowledged fact that after flying our kites into the rain-laden skies of Independence Day, insisting our children watch the proverbial film on Gandhi, singing our national anthem with unusual patriotic fervour, and then donning ...

  • 21-Jul-2012 | Suparna Bhalla

    The endless wait

    We live in a paradoxical moment. In the rapidly transforming motion of India is a place of pause. A moment of repose. Where time lingers for tide. A waiting place, that seems to epitomise the great Indian mindset, forever in a static state of wait. ...

  • 30-Jun-2012 | Suparna Bhalla

    D for Design

    It’s that time of the year again when college cut-offs soar higher than the scorching temperatures. Merciless and unbearable, the latter at least carries it with hopes of respite in the monsoon while the former reverberates with the shattered ...

  • 16-Jun-2012 | Suparna Bhalla

    Toeing the high line

    An upright piano stands inconveniently at the park entrance. A sign on the piano announces that the musician obliviously playing a nondescript tune intends to take it to 100 locations in Manhattan this year. A scratched map records his journey ...

  • 19-May-2012 | Suparna Bhalla

    In seach of white space

    Cramped, overcrowded and dense, the Indian city is a sweltering cauldron of humanity that seems to palpably boil in the sweaty odours of summer, the heat making more putrid the air that occupies the slivers of space between streets, the narrow gaps ...

  • 21-Apr-2012 | Suparna Bhalla

    Why so serious?

    How many jokes on Sardars are there?” quizzed a gentlemen of very definite Sikh antecedents. “Perhaps a million,” I replied irreverently. “No, only four! The rest are all true incidents,” he retorted with cheeky glee. ...

  • 24-Mar-2012 | Suparna Bhalla

    Land of marks

    Sachin Tendulkar made his 100th ton and the nation rejoiced. Palpable relief mixed with heady pride made for a milestone in the history of cricket.

  • 18-Feb-2012 | Suparna Bhalla

    How green is your green

    Being an architect from another time (when a greenback was a US dollar and going green was a sign of envy or of being violently ill), I know it certainly wasn’t always like this. Design was good even before green and although the green brigade ...

  • 21-Jan-2012 | Suparna Bhalla

    The middle way city

    While most of us would shrug off the Mayan prophecy that the world will end in 2012, which brings with it evocative images of everything from tsunamis to alien invasions, as drivel, what if it actually comes true? Not literally, of course, with ...

  • 17-Dec-2011 | Suparna Bhalla

    When buildings dance

    As dusk fell behind the skyscrapers of Hong Kong Island, lights twinkled along its skyline. As music invaded the air, punctuated by coloured laser patterns, the buildings of steel and glass swayed, moved, rose and fell as if in a choreographed ...

  • 19-Nov-2011 | Suparna Bhalla

    Flower power

    Delhi has lost its nose, and not merely in the metaphorical sense of having lost its pride but literally, with the unceremonious displacement of its flower mandis (markets) whose fragrance is now submerged in the stench of Ghazipur’s garbage ...

  • 15-Oct-2011 | Suparna Bhalla

    Singapore slingshot

    The neon-pink lights twisted into paisley motifs that garishly adorned gateways in rhythmic intervals of the street. The crowd gazed in wonderment as the mundane transformed into the festive this October. Tamil mixed with a smattering of Malayalam ...

  • 17-Sep-2011 | Suparna Bhalla

    Time traveller's museum

    The rain-swept waves lashed against the tripods at Marine Drive, Mumbai’s C-shaped boulevard. Parts of the drive appeared skewed, overwhelmed by the grey sea. How many dreams have lived and died on this edge? A new phone app called ‘The ...

  • 20-Aug-2011 | Suparna Bhalla

    A McAloo Tikki, please!

    Saffron, white and green dresses the celebration as the strains of the national anthem resound in the humid monsoon air. Yet another birthday arrives. Yet another year is added to the lifetime of India.

  • 16-Jul-2011 | Suparna Bhalla

    Waiting to exhale

    When does the Indian megacity ever sleep? Its mechanics in perpetual motion, its speed blurs the daily collisions between dusk and dawn. Seamlessly elastic. Morphing. Constantly changing. Cinematic in its fluidity, it encompasses within its single ...

  • 18-Jun-2011 | Suparna Bhalla

    Emotionally yours... Kolkata

    Why London? Is it a colonial hangover? Or because, despite her change in name and frequent attempts to deny her past, Kolkata still feels like a woman scorned? Shunned by her colonial masters after almost 300 years of being their prime abode for the ...

  • 21-May-2011 | Suparna Bhalla

    S, M, L, XL

    Size matters. It grows, expands and contracts. Having unapologetically borrowed the title of a book written by Rem Koolhaas in a reprise to the seemingly infinitely-expanding Indian city, I wonder if its diet of rapidly multiplying populations and ...

  • 16-Apr-2011 | Suparna Bhalla

    For somebody and nobody

    Scene 1: The candles are lit and as the wax drips, the sombre mood is lifted by the haunting strains of Vande Mataram. The dusky pink sky turns dark and the stars descend on Jantar Mantar in New Delhi, the Gateway of India and Azad Maidan in ...

  • 19-Feb-2011 | Suparna Bhalla

    The law is always an ass

    Architects and planners like to believe they direct the shape of the city. But the truth is that the Indian city grows and spurts with all the autonomy of a living organism. Design is not the culprit here rather it is the victim, enslaved within the ...

  • 18-Dec-2010 | Suparna Bhalla

    Building feeling

    If you were told that you were being hypnotised by the design of the space around you every day, you would probably be aghast or laugh in disbelief. Yet the act of design is an act of hypnosis. You are often led, misled and even loaded with the ...

  • 04-Dec-2010 | Suparna Bhalla

    Future shock

    While our moral universe shrinks and we are condemned to becoming a banana republic, urban India is slated to double in population in the coming decade! This will put unprecedented pressure on both the ethics and practices of city planning. From ...

  • 20-Nov-2010 | Suparna Bhalla

    Godzilla in Mumbai

    When does a law become a guideline? Perhaps when it enters the Indian metropolis, where policy and policymakers use words in so convoluted a manner that their roar is reduced to a whimper.

  • 06-Nov-2010 | Suparna Bhalla

    Good sense in 'Shanghaism'

    May you live in interesting times,” says the Chinese curse, but life in Shanghai does make time interesting! With its elevated flyways that appear infinite to the naked eye, and maglev trains travelling at breakneck speed, both running a ...

  • 23-Oct-2010 | Suparna Bhalla

    The stale 'new' Delhi

    Delhi has sighed in relief at the successful completion of the Commonwealth Games, and that big sigh is echoing around the new structures and infrastructure planted in the city. The new designs have left us with more questions than answers. The ...

  • 09-Oct-2010 | Suparna Bhalla

    A temple to the present

    After the momentous High Court judgment proposing a three-way split of the disputed land, politicians sighed in relief and commented with wary optimism that the court had “paved the way to build the temple at Ayodhya”.