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  • 27-Aug-2017 | T Thomas

    Relationship with the successor

    Increased success of one's successor should be matter of pride for any retired chairman

  • 11-Jun-2016 | T Thomas

    T Thomas: India's shameful web of discrimination

    There is hope that factors like education, urbanisation and the experience of working together in offices will reduce the scope for prejudice and help us see each other as equal human beings

  • 04-Jul-2015 | T Thomas

    T Thomas: A recipe for improving armed forces hiring

    To make it possible to attract the best of our young people to join the armed forces, all university courses anywhere in India should include compulsory National Service for a total period of six mont

  • 11-Jun-2015 | T Thomas

    T Thomas: Maggi imbroglio - The big picture

    Exaggerated negative action against reputable companies such as Nestle could erode the ardour that has been generated among India's private foreign investors

  • 22-Nov-2014 | T Thomas

    T Thomas: Riding the tide

    The government could offer a majority shareholding to Indian private-sector investors in all major public-sector enterprises, with, say, five per cent of shares reserved for the employees of such comp

  • 19-Jul-2014 | T Thomas

    Determined to succeed

    A capacity for hard work and a realistic attitude to life and employment make the people of Gujarat leaders in the fields of business and politics

  • 17-May-2014 | T Thomas

    T Thomas: An agenda for Mr Modi

    India has been held back for half a century by the Congress' socialist model of economic development. Mr Modi can remove these blinkers and liberate our dynamic private sector. India will become a leading economic power

  • 15-Mar-2014 | T Thomas

    T Thomas: The anatomy of corruption

    Increasing the remuneration of civil servants and elected representatives will remove the need for them to seek additional sources of income

  • 06-Feb-2014 | T Thomas

    In the land of the monk

    The Buddha's influence pervades the length and breadth of Myanmar, the author finds out on a recent visit

  • 01-Jun-2013 | T Thomas

    Friend among neighbours

    There are strong reasons why friendship with Russia is a necessity for India, despite stark differences in the political structures of the two countries

  • 13-Apr-2013 | T Thomas

    In praise of Thatcher

    Here was a lady who was the scourge of trade unions and the Irish Republican Army, coming in to have lunch in a place where anyone could force an entry and kill her

  • 14-Oct-2012 | T Thomas

    T Thomas: Who is my neighbour?

    It is time India embarked on a serious charm offensive, and chose a policy of imaginative cultivation of our neighbours

  • 12-Aug-2012 | T Thomas

    T Thomas: India's barren Olympics

    The quest for gold will require much more action on the part of both Central and state governments

  • 04-Mar-2012 | T Thomas

    T Thomas: A union to be proud of, despite the diversity

    It is a surprise that the Indian Union of states has held together and even got stronger over the last seven decades

  • 23-Apr-2011 | T Thomas

    T Thomas: Hunger strike or blackmail?

    Now that Anna Hazare’s hunger strike has persuaded the government to reconsider its policy on the Lok Pal Bill, it is timely and relevant to examine the use of hunger strike as a tool for persuasion. Whenever there is a dispute between two ...

  • 26-Jul-2007 | T Thomas

    T Thomas: US venture capital should take a call

    Venture capital funds are one of the most effective ways of bringing out and nurturing the innate ability of our people.

  • 22-Jun-2007 | T Thomas

    T Thomas: Role of elite institutions

    India should create six elite schools and six elite universities in the next five years.

  • 25-May-2007 | T Thomas

    T Thomas: Re-branding India

    India should join the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development to change the perception that it is a poor country.

  • 27-Apr-2007 | T Thomas

    T Thomas: Mumbai as a global financial centre

    Mumbai is not seen to be controlled by New Delhi, just as New York is not seen to be controlled by Washington.

  • 23-Mar-2007 | T Thomas

    T Thomas: Dealing with talent paucity

    The broadening of India's entrepreneurial class is a great help in popularising the attractions of a business career.