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  • 01-Dec-2012 | Wei Gu

    Trading up

    Chinese consumers move on from old favourites

  • 31-Oct-2012 | Wei Gu

    China's new addiction

    Activism undermines Beijing's investment-led model

  • 23-Oct-2012 | Wei Gu

    In and out

    China's top reshuffle means suspense for investors

  • 19-Oct-2012 | Wei Gu

    Comfortingly weak showing

    China's mild slowdown dims hope for big stimulus

  • 04-Oct-2012 | Wei Gu

    Golden gridlock

    Chinese sightseers present challenge to the world

  • 28-Sep-2012 | Wei Gu

    Say hi to hybrids

    Wealthy Asians power global hybrid debt boom

  • 22-Sep-2012 | Wei Gu

    The rule of three

    China's 'third strike' in 2013 is the one to watch

  • 31-Aug-2012 | Wei Gu

    Still Made-in-China

    Manufacturing in China is alive and well. Sneaker maker Adidas’ decision to close its last factory in the country last July raised concerns about whether “Made in China” still made economic sense. Yet while it’s true that ...

  • 31-Jul-2012 | Wei Gu

    Play ball

    Chinese companies call for fairer treatment from foreigners. China’s critics say these companies still don’t play by the accepted global rules of capital markets. The accusation of insider trading around the $15 billion bid by Chinese ...

  • 17-Jul-2012 | Wei Gu & Rob Cox

    Asia bleeds

    After the financial crisis, the investment banking mantra became “Shanghai, Mumbai, Dubai or goodbye.” While the rest of the world was falling apart, the countries stretching from Saudi Arabia to India, Southeast Asia and China were ...

  • 04-Jul-2012 | Wei Gu

    iP in China

    Apple just got gently bruised in China. The US gadget-making giant can easily afford the settlement it has agreed to use the iPad name in China. And a new lawsuit over Snow Leopard poses little threat. Still, the Middle Kingdom is increasingly alert ...

  • 30-Jun-2012 | Wei Gu

    Blue Ocean

    China is sampling some of Hong Kong’s secret sauce. The Qianhai financial zone, just over the border from the special administrative region (SAR), is to be the site of a new $45 billion experiment in currency conversion. Perhaps more ...

  • 09-Jun-2012 | Wei Gu

    A forward step

    China has made a tentative step on the long road towards market-determined interest rates. In addition to cutting the benchmark interest rates on loans and deposits on Thursday, the central bank widened the bands around the benchmarks.

  • 09-Jun-2012 | Wei Gu & Jeffrey Goldfarb

    Good sports

    The battle between Walt Disney and Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp is going global. The rival media empires keep ratcheting up their war to broadcast everything from baseball to soccer in the United States and Europe. Now, they’re set to ...

  • 07-Jun-2012 | Wei Gu

    Cats and stones

    It doesn’t matter if a cat is black or white, so long as it catches mice. Cross the river by feeling for stones. Followers of China’s economic development are familiar with these aphorisms, both attributed to Deng Xiaoping, who set the ...

  • 29-May-2012 | Wei Gu

    No support needed

    Subsidies are an old Chinese practice that is causing new headaches. The European Commission is poised to launch a big trade case against China over state credit given to telecom equipment manufacturers, according to the Financial Times. Yet, the ...

  • 24-May-2012 | Wei Gu

    Not about the money

    The last thing China’s economy needs now is another giant stimulus package. Premier Wen Jiabao has raised investors hope for a policy U-turn by saying that growth deserves more attention. But Beijing shouldn’t panic this time. Unlike in ...

  • 22-May-2012 | Wei Gu

    Open sesame

    Alibaba has finally reached a truce with Yahoo. The Chinese e-commerce giant is offering at least $7 billion to buy back its own shares from the US internet group, recapturing half the stake Yahoo acquired in 2005 for $1 billion. The timing is good, ...

  • 05-May-2012 | Wei Gu

    Sticking up for minorities

    Wall Street may be the winner from this year’s bilateral talks between the United States and China. Foreign banks who run Chinese securities joint ventures, including Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs, will soon be allowed to raise their stakes ...

  • 28-Apr-2012 | Wei Gu

    Model Media

    There is profit, it seems, in propaganda. And such is the promise, the flotation of, the online version of People’s Daily, has been accorded a value larger than The New York Times.

  • 17-Apr-2012 | Wei Gu

    Freer and easier

    China’s moves to free up the way its currency trades might seem like throwing a bone to the United States, ahead of the two countries’ strategic summit in May. But, it is China itself that gains most from this kind of reform, however ...

  • 28-Mar-2012 | Wei Gu

    Think outside the China box

    Slower growth and doubts about accounting are leading international investors to rethink China. That’s precisely what the Chinese themselves are doing. As they diversify beyond the borders of the Middle Kingdom, the value of global property ...

  • 23-Mar-2012 | Wei Gu

    Less hungry dragon

    China has been the biggest driver of commodity markets for the past decade. But, that’s changing. Shrinking manufacturing activity in March signals slower demand for resources. Strong imports have heightened the risk of overstocking in ...

  • 20-Mar-2012 | Wei Gu

    Unlikely to pop

    Corn prices in China are up 10 per cent this year to a record high. Hopes of China becoming a significant corn importer are propelling global grain prices higher. But corn bulls may have underestimated Beijing’s will for self-efficiency in a ...

  • 13-Mar-2012 | Wei Gu

    China's trade deficit is sign of things to come

    China will have to get used to monthly trade deficits. Special factors contributed to the $4.2 billion negative number for the first two months of 2012, but something fundamental is changing. A smaller portion of China’s imports are of goods ...