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Nripendra Misra

Nripendra Misra

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  • Nripendra Misra: Reality check on the broadband dream

    26-04-2014 21:48:00

    When the project was envisaged, private telcos didn't cooperate, and were reluctant to part with any info about their network

  • Avoid irrational exuberance

    08-02-2014 22:14:00

    The ongoing auction of airwaves, 46 MHz in the 900-MHz band and 385 MHz in 1,800-MHz band, is likely to close by the end of the week

  • Nripendra Misra & Tannu Singh: Impunity in elections

    11-01-2014 21:46:00

    Mere laws and rules, without effective built-in checks, are not sufficient. Compliance with the rules has to be woven into the system

  • Nripendra Misra & Tannu Singh: Endlessly adjourning justice

    09-11-2013 21:50:00

    Both executive and higher judiciary need to collaborate to implement already agreed-on remedies for swifter justice delivery

  • Nripendra Misra: Telecom's happy hour

    14-09-2013 21:46:00

    Through its recommendations announced on September 9, Trai has brought the telecom sector back on track and has laid down the path for a reform agenda. The government should quickly accept the recomme

  • An emergency call from the telecom sector

    16-07-2013 21:46:00

    The mistrust between the authorities and service providers can end if the contentious issues are addressed as a package deal

  • Fixing MPLADS

    29-06-2013 21:46:00

    The Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS) was initiated in 1993, committing public money to benefit each parliamentary constituency. The scheme seeks to build relationships between elected representatives stakeholders and ...