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  • A K Bhattacharya

    If big business is miffed with Mr Modi, then it only suits him electorally A K Bhattacharya

    There is no doubt that Mr Modi has guided his policy away from one that India Inc expected to be openly and substantively pro-business

  • Vanita Kohli-Khandekar

    The online video reality Vanita Kohli-Khandekar

    If online video wants to be taken seriously, it should learn a few lessons from TV on metrics and monetisation

  • Anjuli Bhargava

    Flight of fantasy on Air India Anjuli Bhargava

    'Three suggestions' on how to get on with fixing this mess

  • Parthasarathi Shome

    International taxation Parthasarathi Shome

    Is global reaction to the OECD's base erosion and profit shifting actions drifting?

  • Ajit Balakrishnan

    Net neutrality and the privacy debate Ajit Balakrishnan

    Indian policy makers must see the choices before them as economic, not moral, ones

  • Shailesh Dobhal

    Delivering the goods Shailesh Dobhal

    Egged on by e-commerce firms and technology, doorstep delivery will be the new battleground for brick-and-mortar retailers and marketers too

  • Amit Tandon

    Auditors: Signing out Amit Tandon

    Unfortunately, regulations today do not permit a more open dialogue between auditors and investors

  • Bharat Bhushan

    Fitness challenge: How PM Modi can politically gain from the exercise Bharat Bhushan

    The orchestrated exercise is not about a self-indulgent PM's exercise but has political objectives: it packages him as healthy at 67 and showcases him someone rooted in ancient Hindu traditions

  • TNC Rajagopalan

    Expect some vanishing of export concessions TNC Rajagopalan

    The prospect of achieving $350 bn during the current year (FY19) look brighter but much will depend on how the commerce ministry negotiates with US govt the issue of phasing out of export subsidies

  • Mihir S Sharma

    India's next growth engine Mihir S Sharma

    A digital revolution in MSMEs' access to credit might accelerate growth and prosperity - if policymakers focus on simplicity, access, and human capital

  • Sunita Narain

    Storms are the new normal Sunita Narain

    The fact is that the storms of this year hold a mirror to our future

  • Kavil Ramachandran & Sougata Ray

    Don't threaten independent directors Kavil Ramachandran & Sougata Ray

    We need a revolution in thinking beyond the legalities of board decisions. Good governance is a product of teamwork!

  • Arindam Gupta

    The end of financial inclusion? Arindam Gupta

    With India in the grip of a farm crisis, it may be unwise for the government to withdraw the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana, more so because there have been no elaborate studies on its impact

  • Uttaran Das Gupta

    A farrago of fiction Uttaran Das Gupta

    States are no strangers to being creators of fiction

  • Aditi Phadnis

    Learning the ropes Aditi Phadnis

    Gogoi junior will have to learn pretty fast because there is no time to admire the problem or savour the learning curve. Either way, he deserves marks for trying