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The stuntwomen of Bollywood who risk their lives to add spice to films

Five decades after Reshma Pathan became the country's first stuntwoman, Ranjita Ganesan takes a look at the lives of the athlete-actors of ...

Viswanathan Anand. Illustration: Ajay Mohanty
The Magical Magyars in 1953
The Basilica San Petronio. Photos: Shuma Raha



A unique shelter that is heaven for more than 700 unwanted animals

Inability to survive in the big, bad world is an entry ticket into the magical world of ACGS


The troubling legacy of Ranjan Gogoi, former Chief Justice of India

Right from the beginning, the ex-Chief Justice's tenure was marked by secrecy, opacity, and the ubiquitous use of 'sealed covers'


Why the Renault Triber is everyman's budget set of impressive wheels

Renault has built a reputation for no-frills cars that hold up well on Indian roads

Photo: Reuters

Not exactly the 'Orient Express', but Europe's sleepers are back

Unlike opulent trains, these are for regular people with a climate conscience