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Daily Healthcare Tips for Senior Citizens

Senior Citizens in the age group of 65+ require special attention to their health is no secret. Getting older shouldn't mean illnesses, ailments and a poor quality of life.

Anurag Khare 

No country for the old

in the age group of 65+ require special attention to their is no secret. Getting older shouldn’t mean illnesses, ailments and a poor quality of life. It is seen that young people with healthy habits age well, thus it is always good to start early. But understanding that it’s never late to start living healthy is also important. With old age comes decline in both physical and mental With age there will be changes in skin, bones, brain, teeth, eyes and much more of a person. Thus it becomes doubly important for to take extra care of themselves. Firstly it’s extremely vital for a senior citizen to take control of his or her Some basic tips related to diet, activities and lifestyle for are mentioned below:

Staying Active

Adequate amount of daily or regular will go a long way in keeping both healthy and happy. This also helps fight a number of lifestyle diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes, colon cancer and more. Depending upon one’s age, likes and current condition one can decide upon various activities. Formulating a sensible routine or exercise program is important. One can always seek professional help of a doctor or of a professional. Also it’s important to understand the significance of maintaining appropriate intensity levels and heightened importance of safety from any physical injury in case of Any sign of discomfort or pain however mild shouldn’t be ignored. For it’s best to take it slow; always take appropriate time for warm-up and to cool off, stay hydrated and wear appropriate shoes and clothing. Other physical and leisure activities such as brisk walking, sports like badminton, water aerobics, dancing, dog walking, and more are also recommended. One must try and include varied exercises that will help improve flexibility, balance and build strength and stamina. Indulging in regular also has a positive impact on the mental of It can help improve memory, keep the person mentally alert and active and helps fight depression.

Lifestyle Changes and Regular Medical Check-ups

Bad lifestyle choices such as consumption of alcohol or smoking have heighted negative effects for Thus quitting or at least cutting down on alcohol and smoking will help immensely in maintaining good Also getting adequate amount of sleep will help manage stress and maintain good Taking all medications if any prescribed by the doctor is also important. Staying happy and socially active is also important. Indulging in activities and surrounding oneself with family and friends whose company one enjoys is recommended. Cultivating a new hobby like learning a new language or sport can also help keep one mentally and physically active. Staying sexually active also helps; old age is no reason that a person cannot indulge or enjoy a healthy sex life. Regular medical and dental check-ups are a must for Prevention and early detection of any disease is important. There are a number of senior citizen check-up plans and tests that are available. Depending upon the age, sex and other factors one can or a professional can choose the best plan for an individual.

Healthy Diet

As one ages becomes that much more important. shouldn’t skip meals and should try and include more and more food items that are fibre-rich and have less fats and calories. Fresh fruits and vegetables are highly recommended. This will help keep diseases such as and at bay. As bones will get weaker as one ages thus healthy amount of Calcium and Vitamin D will be required. This can be obtained by daily serving of dairy products. Snacking healthy, staying hydrated by drinking enough water and consuming adequate amounts of nutrients are some other dos for Many a time become lethargic towards consuming a balanced diet daily. This may be due to exhaustion, dental issues, depression and much more. But and maintaining proper weight is of utmost importance for Many of the diseases and conditions in such as poor memory, weak bones, constipation, reduced immunity, diabetes, high blood pressure and more are directly or indirectly linked to poor diet.

First Published: Tue, October 17 2017. 09:34 IST