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Summer Care for Pregnant Women

Proper care during pregnancy is a must, the same is more so important in summers. If one is pregnant in the middle of the summer then at times the heat can be real discomforting.

Anurag Khare 

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Proper care during is a must, the same is more so important in summers. If one is pregnant in the middle of the summer then at times the heat can be real discomforting. Mentioned below are few tips using which can take care of themselves and fight heat in the summer season.

Stay Hydrated - often see the temperature of their bodies increase. The goal is to keep it stable. To combat heat, the number one tip is good internal hydration. This can be done through ample consumption of liquids; mainly water, but also fruit juice or intake of fresh vegetables with high water content. Thanks to their minerals and enzymes they are particularly beneficial. Thus in addition to drinking a lot, it is strongly recommended to include in one's diet, fruits, vegetables and soups or broths. Conversely, some too sweet drinks can cause a sensation of thirst shortly after ingestion thus avoid them as much as possible.

Cold Shower - To withstand high temperatures in summers, there is nothing better than baths or showers at room temperature. Although cold water showers are more tempting and desirable during hot weather, but they tend to increase body temperature because our body has to work to adapt to the ambient temperature. That's why; a few minutes after a one will be hot again. But a at dawn or just before bed will refresh you for several hours. If one is not used to it, do it gradually, starting with the shower head on your feet, legs and then your arms. Make the belly last, while massaging it in circular motions.

Light and Frequent Meals - In summers in the evening, do not dine too late and eat light. On the other hand, the breakfast must be complete, nutritious and energetic, so as to avoid nibbling within the next three hours. It is best to have five meals a day. Of these five meals, at least one or two must contain fruit and vegetables. Do not forget to consume light proteins. To avoid getting exposed to heat, prepare the meals in the morning or after sunset.

Moderate Sporting Activity - For pregnant women, a is always welcome. Even in the summers, do not put physical exercises aside unless the same has been advised by your doctor or gynaecologist. Working on the elasticity of the muscles and tendons will allow you to better withstand the sluggishness and exhaustion associated with progressive weight gain. Also practice exercises that improve blood circulation that tends to be disrupted during Walking and swimming are the most recommended activities.

Avoiding the Sun - Exposing oneself to the sun is necessary for our body because it allows us to synthesize certain vitamins and to activate our metabolism. But be careful because too much exposure to the sun can have consequences for the skin. The application of protective creams and the wearing of a hat although highly recommended are still not enough. Above all, never expose yourself during the hottest hours of the day, between noon and 5 pm. If you have to go out at these times, protect your skin and your head even if you are in the shade.

Rest and Relaxation - Learning to relax can not only help you withstand the heat better, but also overcoming the stress and anxiety symptoms that may occur at this time of your life. An awareness of your new physical condition and listening to your body will help you relax. Taking a nap, one to two times a day, in the shade, open window so that the fresh air enters the room, is very restorative. Floating in the water is also a good way to relax. Relaxation through a total disconnection with everything that disturbs you is also beneficial.

Choosing the Right Clothing - Choose clothes that makes you feel good and comfortable. In summers, clothing shouldn’t be too tight and should facilitate breathing and movement. Prefer natural fabrics that release perspiration and do not store sweat. Wear light clothes so as to breathe through the skin too. Avoid cluttering with too many pieces of clothing.

Skin Care - Due to the hormonal upheaval, during the skin may experience some troubles. Good hydration and a good nutrition are essential for especially in the summers. Clean and moisturize your skin at least once a day with oils or creams. Use a mask or a scrub from time to time to remove dead skin and to nourish the skin.

First Published: Tue, March 13 2018. 10:58 IST