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T N Ninan

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  • TN Ninan: Choosing one's facts

    15-12-2017 19:46:00

    Does the bulk of the media have a political bias? Perhaps it doesn't matter so long as one can speak truth to power. But as in the case of the now-famous death of a judge, was it truth at all?

  • T N Ninan: Trillion, or 10 kharab?

    08-12-2017 17:27:00

    A modern economy with strong global linkages must switch to million, billion and so on. For the average India, efforts needed to make the mental adjustment and give up lakh, crore may not be a big ask

  • T N Ninan: Looking beyond recovery

    01-12-2017 18:36:00

    The economy needs to do much better than its 15-year average of 7.5% growth to take on the jobs crisis. We need more reform, without the shocks

  • T N Ninan: A bone in the throat

    24-11-2017 17:36:00

    The problem is not GST itself, but the nature of an economy dominated by small businesses that are either unable to cope with the complexities of the tax, or are being disadvantaged in other ways

  • T N Ninan: Rating the raters

    17-11-2017 22:23:00

    Ratings are not the last word on anything - sometimes they are unfair, at other times they flatter to deceive

  • T N Ninan: Simplifying GST rates

    10-11-2017 22:45:00

    The only way to minimise logical inconsistencies, lobbying for classification changes and confusion about the applicable rates is to apply the 12% and 18% rates to almost all items

  • T N Ninan: Too many losers

    03-11-2017 19:24:00

    Economically, if there are too many losers, macro-demand will suffer and undercut growth. And in a democracy, this can lead to a powerful blowback

  • T N Ninan: Government gets bigger

    27-10-2017 17:05:00

    The manner of bank recapitalisation, new price controls in pharma, use of Aadhaar point to an expanding rather than contracting role for government

  • T N Ninan: 'Developed' by 2022?

    20-10-2017 23:30:00

    Parts of the economy are indeed developed but overall India has no hope of qualifying in the next five years

  • T N Ninan: Six governance tests

    13-10-2017 18:02:00

    Modi government's record on governance is better than that of UPA-2 but not better than UPA-1

  • T N Ninan: A tale of two countries

    06-10-2017 22:30:00

    A comparison of economic indicators of China and India presents a contrasting and confusing picture

  • T N Ninan: Growth with inequality

    29-09-2017 19:12:00

    While the vocal public agrees GDP growth is central to national purpose, there's a lack of debate about growing inequality

  • T N Ninan: Failure in the good times

    22-09-2017 17:17:00

    If Mr Modi and his team expect to win the 2019 elections, groundwork for improved performance in their second term should be done now

  • T N Ninan: Creating new winners

    15-09-2017 22:53:00

    We can no longer argue simplistically that, if the government or public sector can't do the job, call in the private sector

  • T N Ninan: The sub-seven reality

    08-09-2017 23:56:00

    India is no longer a rapidly-growing economy. That is not a transient blip, it is a seven-year trend