How to find parked car?

Find parked car

How to find parked car?
How to find parked car?
Often people do not remember where they have parked their car. They have trouble remembering the location of the car, which results in wastage of time and energy. We have the right technology now to save us from such troubles.
Google Maps can help you find your parked car and also navigate to it. In the Google Maps app, you can pin your car’s location. You can ask Google Assistant to find your car or tap on the pin to start navigation. The users of iOS can also do the same using Apple Maps.

Here is how you can find your car

* Before you start, there are some prerequisites. You need to ensure you have the following:
* Updated version of Google Maps and Google app
* Your smartphone should have Android Marshmallow or above. In case of iOs, it should be iOS 10 or above
* Enable the location services on your smartphone
* The Google Assistant on your smartphone should have all the required approvals
* Once you have ensured these things, follow the instructions below

Save the parking location

The first step is to save your parking location on your Google Maps. For that, open your Google Maps app after you have parked your car and tap on the Blue Pin which represents your current location. After tapping, three options will appear. Choose the Save Your Parking option. You can add more details such as photos, parking number, etc. You can also ask Google Assistant to save your parking location by saying “Remember where I have parked”.

Find your parked car’s location

When you want to find your car’s parking location, open Google Maps. Tap on the Saved Parking and then tap on direction. Tap on Start to turn on the navigation.
You can also ask Google Assistant “Where is my car” and it will take you to your parked car.

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