What is Golden Grammy Award?

Grammy Award

What is Golden Grammy Award?
What is Golden Grammy Award?
Popularly known as Grammy Award, it is originally named Gramophone Award, presented by the Recording Academy to honour artistes in the music industry for their exceptional work in a year.
The ceremony presents prominent artistes and performances and is one of the most-watched shows after the Academy Awards and the Emmy Awards. The 62nd Grammy Awards were held on January 26, 2020, in Los Angeles.

HISTORY of Gramy Awards

The annual event to recognise musical achievements was started in 1959 to respect the performers for the year 1958.
It started from the Hollywood Walk of Fame project in the 1950s when the committee realised there are many performers who qualify for the Walk of Fame star and created an award for the music industry. Once it was made, the committee decided to call it Grammy as a tribute to Emile Berliner’s gramophone.
The ceremony was first aired live in 1971 for the 13th Annual Grammy Awards.
Sir Georg Solti holds the record for most Grammy wins with 31 awards, whereas Alison Krauss is the top winner with 27 trophies among female artistes.
Since 1975, the relationship between Grammy Award winners and subsequent record sales began significantly.


Companies registered with the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences and individual members of NARAS can submit pieces for nomination. Once it is submitted, review sessions began with over 150 experts to determine if the work is correct for the category.
Following that, correct entries are passed on to voting members who nominate in general fields. After nominees are determined, final voting ballots are sent to NARAS voting members, who then vote in the general field to ascertain winners.


The "General Field" are four awards that are not restricted by genre:
1. Album of the Year
2. Record of the Year
3. Song of the Year
4. Best New Artiste 

Grammy Award winners 2021

Taylor Swift won Grammy for Album of the Year for 'folklore'
Billie Eilish won Record of the Year Grammy

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