What is a Mission Karmayogi?

Mission Karmayogi

What is a Mission Karmayogi?
What is a Mission Karmayogi?
Mission Karmayogi was launched on September 20, 2020 by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led Union Cabinet. Mission Karmayogi - National Programme for Civil Services Capacity Building (NPCSCB) – is meant to reform Indian bureaucracy and prepare civil servants for the future. The programme aims “comprehensive reform of the capacity building apparatus at individual, institutional and process levels for efficient public service delivery”.
Union Minister Prakash Javadekar, during a press conference, said the mission aims to prepare civil service officers for the future by making them more “creative, constructive, imaginative, innovative, proactive, professional, progressive, energetic, enabling, transparent and technology-enabled.'

What is the need for Mission Karmayogi?

It is often said that Indian bureaucrats are a major reason why India is not progressing at the speed it could have. It is also said that the recruitment and post-recruitment ecosystem of civil servants is outdated and for a like India, it needs a major upgrade. To address these concerns, the government brought these programme.

How will it help?

The programme will try to improve human resource management practices among the officers. It will focus more on role based management. It will aim to allocate roles and jobs bases on competencies of the officers.
The mission has also created an online platform called as iGOT-Karmayogi. iGOT stands for Integrated Government Online Training. This platform will provide content to learn from global best practices rooted in “Indian ethos”. Civil servants will also have to undertake courses on this platform on which the officers’ performance will be evaluated. A Special Purpose Vehicle will monitor the platform. The SPV will be a not-for-profit organisation under Section 8 of the Companies Act.

Who will manage Mission Karmayogi?

A Public Human Resource Council under the chairmanship of Prime Minister will manage the mission. The other members of this council are:
1. Union Ministers
2. Chief Ministers
3. Eminent public HR practitioners
4. Thinkers
5. Public service functionaries
6. Global thought leaders

Budget for the mission

The mission will cover around 4.6 million central employees. A sum of Rs 510.86 crore has been allocated to be spent over a period of 5 years from 2020-21 to 2024-25. It will be partly funded by multilateral assistance up to $50 million.

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