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Govt wins retail FDI vote in Lok Sabha

Opposition motion defeated, UPA wins with 253 votes

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6.55 pm wins vote on Fema amendment in Lok Sabha with 254 votes


6.50 pm Opposition motion defeated, wins with 253 votes


5.50 pm Had Mulayam Singh Yadav voted today, there  would have been no FDI, says Sushma Swaraj

Leader of Opposition Sushma Swaraj responds to Govt reply

Samajwadi Party also walks out Lok sabha ahead of vote

With SP, BSP walkout, half-way mark is 251

5.20 pm 
With BSP walkout, half-way mark is 262

BSP has 21 MPs in Lok Sabha

BSP walks out of Lok Sabha ahead of vote

Centre is not forcing any state to implement FDI: Anand Sharma

Food, vegetables worth Rs 65,000 crore wasted every year due to poor infrastructure, says the commerce minister

Anand Sharma: BJP repeatedly changed its stance on retail FDI 


5.05 pm Retail being introduced after a lot of thought, says the Commerce minister

Farm product losses are at 30-40%: Sharma 

Farmers suffer because there is a lack of infrastructure, says Anand Sharma

Commerce minister Anand Sharma replies to FDI debate

4.40 pm Congress leader Deepender Hooda says many multi-brand retail stores were started in NDA’s regime 


4.15 pm RJD leader Lalu Prasad Yadav says the opposition is misleading the nation

There is no compulsion on states to embrace retail FDI: Lalu

BJP had wanted retail FDI in 2002


3.50 pm
 PM, ministers quoting Walmart figures to justify retail FDI: Joshi

Just 10% post-harvest wastage, not 30-40%; Govt’s wastage figure is wrong: BJP

Our idea of bringing in FDI was wrong, says senior BJP leader MM Joshi

We have rectified our mistake, says Joshi

MM Joshi: If FDI is good for country, why it is optional for states

Lok Sabha reconvenes to debate FDI in retail

2.40 pm For Wal-mart, PM is ready to sacrifice Govt, says CPI leader Gurudas Dasgupta

Retail FDI will lead to monopolistic growth: CPI

leader Jayant Chaudhary says solution has not been given to problems related to backend infrastructure but only opposition to FDI in retailis going on.

Emphasises on the need to create job opportunities in rural areas and that small and marginal farmers will benefit from FDI in retail.

2.10 pm AIADMK leader M. Thambidurai says policy to allow FDI in multi-brand retail should be taken back because it will not help either consumers or farmers.

BJP advocated FDI in retail in 2004 and what is the state of the party now. Congress didn’t even mention it in its manifesto. 

TMC left the UPA government and made it a minority government. How can a minority government bring such a policy?

1.40 pm Praful Patel of NCP says foreign goods already present in small cities

Globalisation does not kill local industry: NCP

NCP:  Entry of McDonalds, KFC have benefitted farmers

Even statues of deities are coming from China now, says Praful Patel

Shiv Sena not opposing malls, their leaders own malls in Mumbai: NCP


1.25 pm Anant Geete of Shiv Sena says FDI in retail will bring back East India Company regime In India

Shiv Sena won't allow FDI in Maharashtra: Anant Geete

BJD leader Bhartuhari Mahtab says 30 per cent sourcing norm in FDI a gimmick

Orissa opposes FDI in multi-brand retail: BJD

FDI in retail will lead to social unrest: BJD


01.15 pm Rajya Sabha adjourned after BSP uproar

Allies BSP and SP supporting from outside on Wednesday created repeated obstructions in Rajya Sabha prompting an angry BJP to allege that the government has decided not to run the House because of its 'number game'


12.50 pm Roll back FDI, else we'll roll back this government: Sharad Yadav

Congress sure to lose polls if retail FDI is implemented:  JD (U)

JD (U): If retail FDI is not rolled back, people will punish you

Sharad Yadav: Why are diesel car owners being given subsidy?

12.30 pm We don't want to topple UAP Govt: Janata Dal (United) leader Sharad Yadav

Govt is concerned more about the markets, not the country: Sharad yadav

Govt is dividing nation by implementing retail FDI: JD (U)

12.15 pm CPM leader Basudeb Acharia says FDI to lead unemployment

FDI has ruined Indian pharma sector: CPM
CPM welcomes FDI if it increases productivity, improves technology

FDI to create monopolies, neither farmers nor consumers to benefit


12.05 pm Prime Minister Manmohan Singh: "Don’t want to react to speech made by Leader of Opposition"

Why would we have a debate if we were not confident, says the PM

11.05 am Rajya Sabha adjourned till noon after BSP creates uproar demanding a memorial for Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar at Mumbai.


10.50 am The vote on FDI will take place at 6 pm in the Lok Sabha


10.35 am
Against the backdrop of BSP and SP keeping their cards close to their chest on voting in Lok Sabha on a motion against FDI, government on Wednesday said it was in touch with various parties for their support. 

Kamal Nath has asked parties to vote against BJP politics.

DAY 1: December 04

Govt heading for a Pyrrhic victory

The voting on foreign direct investment in retail and related amendment of the Foreign Exchange Management Act (Fema) is likely to see the government getting a Pyrrhic victory in on Wednesday.

Though the United Progressive Alliance ( UPA) government might have the numbers to eventually sail through, it emerged during the debate in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday that a political consensus was eluding it, with its allies and adversaries alike asking for the decision on multi-brand retail FDI to be kept in abeyance.

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6.10 pm Discussion on FDI in multi-brand retail to continue in Lok Sabha on Wednesday

6.05 pm UPA constituent DMK opposes FDI but says it will not vote against the government.

We do not want to let you down. We do not want to join the Opposition. We do not want to join BJP: DMK tells govt in Lok Sabha


How would FDI in multi-brand retail benefit you, the consumer?

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to post your view


5.55 pm Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) opposes multi-brand retail FDI, but remains ambivalent on its stand on voting on Wednesday

5.45 pm MPs refuse to extend the sitting today till 6:30 pm. Speaker Meira Kumar sought consent for extension because there are many members listed to speak


5.25 pm
We advise the UPA government to drop retail FDI, says Mulayam Singh Yadav

We urge the government to call an all-party meeting on retail FDI: Mulayam


5.15 pm Samajwadi Party boss Mulayam Singh Yadav says retail FDI will not create jobs as claimed

FDI in multi-brand retail is not in the interest of the country, says the SP chief 

Farmers have not benefitted from any FDI

5.00 pm Retail FDI was on BJP’s 2004 manifesto, says Kapil Sibal

BPJ must explain why it has changed its stand

How can the Opposition block states that want retail FDI?, asks Sibal

4:29 pm
Walmart took 16 years in China to turn profitable, says communications minister Kapil Sibal

Minimum $50 mn has to be invested in the backend in 3 years

Nearly 80 mertic tonne of vegetables & fruits wasted in India

FDI in retail will only be possible in 53 cities in India

Opposition has no right to stop a state that wants FDI in retail

Retail FDI in states that have population of more than 10L

Pepsico working with 10,000 workers vs 1,800 till a few years ago

4:00 pm  Saugata Roy of TMC

Trinamool Congress (TMC) has decided to fight against FDI in multi-brand retail tooth and nail.

It is a question of patriotism and principle to oppose FDI in retail.

Walmart sources 82% of goods from China. Bringing Walmart will only benefit China and US.

Standing committee on commerce said global retail chains can sustain losses for longer period to dry out small traders and then they will charge high prices.

3.40 pm Wal-mart has finished 84% of local jobs in the US: Sushma

Sushma Swaraj says Govt feels FDI in retail will wipe out all deficiencies

Sushma Swaraj says former Congress chief whip PR Dasmunshi had opposed retail in FDI: Sushma 

PM must fight for the poor and small farmers not for big retail outlets, says Sushma Swaraj

3.25 pm
China will see growth in manufacturing and employment, says the Leader of the Opposition

India will be flooded with Chinese products

Manufacturing sector will witness maximum unemployment due to FDI

Walmart needs 36,000 stores to create 40 lakh jobs: Sushma

Studies show that Wal-mart has finished small retail stores

US President Obama encourages small businesses: Sushma

3.10 pm Pandemonium prevails in Lok Sabha over issue of sugarcane farmers

No middlemen in sugarcane industry, yet farmers suffer: Sushma


3.00 pm FDI in multi brand retail will encourage monopolistic tendencies

Sushma Swaraj says multinational retail chains force farmers to sell their produce below cost of production

McDonalds does not buy potatoes from our farmers: Sushma

Globally, large retailers give low prices to farmers, low wages to employees, but keep high profits, she said

No party was consulted before taking a decision on retail FDI: Sushma

2.40 pm Multi-brand retail will ruin small traders, says Swaraj

Sushma Swaraj says govt avoided building consensus on FDI in multi brand retail


2.25 pm Leader of the Opposition in Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj has initiated the debate on the FDI issue on behalf of the BJP. The motion will be put to vote in the Lok Sabha at 6 pm on Wednesday.

Trinamool's Saugata Roy moves motion on amendments in Fema

Speaker: FDI, Fema joint voting


2.20 pm Govt says no rule violated; FDI, Fema amendments vote can happen together


2.10 pm Senior BJP leader Yashwant Sinha rises to speak on the rules governing debate and voting on FDI in retail. The BJP objects to the agenda of clubbing together a debate on Fema and FDI on retail.

Opposition wants debate on Fema under seperate rule after 30 days time gap

1.30 pm
Trinamool Congress has moved a motion in Rajya Sabha seeking discussion with voting.

"This house disapproves the entry of FDI in multi-brand retail...," read the motion moved by Trinamool members D Bandopadhyay and Vivek Gupta under Rule 168 which entails voting.

12.30 pm: After that uproar that caused the adjournment of the House for half an hour, the Lok Sabha has resumed functioning as normal.


12.09 pm:
Uproar in over alleged irregularities in gas deal by Gujarat govt; Lok Sabha adjourned till 12.30 pm.

11.15 am:
Keeping the Congress on tenterhooks on their strategy during the crucial FDI vote on Wednesday, eight party MPs from Telangana region in Andhra Pradesh on Tuesday boycotted a meeting called by party floor leaders in to seek their assurances on participation in the debate.

11.00 am:
Foreign direct investment (FDI) debate at 2pm in Lok Sabha.

The Upper House adjourned till 2 pm after Samajwadi Party uproar over arrest of 'innocent' Muslim youth on terror charges.


10.30 am
: The Samajwadi Party has said that their final stand on FDI will depend upon the reply of the UPA government, ahead of Lok Sabha debate on the issue starting on Tuesday.

"I am not saying the SP will support FDI in Lok Sabha. It should not be taken for granted that we will support it," Ramgopal Yadav was quoted as saying by TV channels.

How the numbers stack up


Lok Sabha

Total strength of the House 545

Halfway mark 273

UPA: Congress 206, NCP 9, DMK 18, National Conference 3, RJD 4, SP 22, BSP 21, Independent and others 17

NDA: BJP 115, Shiv Sena 11, SAD 4, JD (U) 20, Haryana Janhit Congress 1

Left: CPI (M) 16, CPI 4, Forward Bloc 2, RSP 2

Rest: BJD 14, TDP 6, AIADMK 9, TRS 2, AGP 1, TMC 19, JD (S) 3, JMM 2, JVM (P) 2 AIMIM 1, BVA 1, BPF VCK 1, SWP 1 Nominated member 2

** If BSP, SP abstain, the halfway mark in the 545-member comes down to 251

** UPA, in that case, sails through with 262 votes on its side

Rajya Sabha

Total strength of the House 244

Halfway mark 122

UPA: Congress 70, DMK 7, National conference 2, RJD 2, NCP 7, LJP 1, BSP 15, SP 9, JMM 1, Nominated 10, Independent and others 7

NDA: BJP 49, Shiv sena 4, SAD 3, JD (U) 9

Left: CPI (M) 11, CPI 2, Forward Bloc 1

Rest: AIADMK 5, TMC 9, AGP 2, BJD 7, INDL 1, TDP 5, BPF 1, KC (M) 1, Mizo National Front 1, Nagaland people’s front 1, Sikkim Democratic front 1

** If SP abstains, the strength of the Rajya Sabha will be reduced to 235, bringing down the halfway mark to 118; UPA will sail through with 122 votes

In the scenario of BSP abstaining, the strength will be down to 229, and the halfway mark to 115. In that case, UPA, which will already have 116 votes, will manage to scrape through


On Monday, the government said it had the numbers in both Houses of Parliament to ensure the two sets of votes on retail — the motion on foreign direct investment in multi-brand retail and the vote on amendment of the Foreign Exchange Management Act ( Fema) to operationalise the retail decision, if any — went in its favour.

"We are confident of the numbers," parliamentary affairs minister Kamal Nath said. The voting will take place on December 5.


First Published: Wed, December 05 2012. 18:55 IST