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LIVE: Prez Ram Nath Kovind to visit two Caribbean nations from May 15 to 21

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Ram Nath Kovind
Photo: PIB India
Live updates: A powerful apparently caused by a leak killed at least 22 people, including a child, and injured dozens when it blew away outer walls from a luxury hotel in the heart of Cuba's capital.

No tourists were staying at Havana's 96-room Hotel Saratoga because it was undergoing renovations, Havana Gov. Reinaldo Garca Zapata told the Communist Party newspaper Granma.

Cuban state TV reported the was caused by a truck that had been supplying to the hotel, but did not provide details on how the gas ignited. A white tanker truck was seen being removed from the site as rescue workers hosed it down with water.

Meanwhile, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida warned that the invasion of Ukraine could be replicated in Taiwan by China if leading powers do not respond as one.

Speaking through a translator at a meeting in London, Kishida said that the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine has raised concerns that China might take advantage of the West's military commitments in Eastern Europe to launch a simultaneous move against Taipei, reported Trevor Filseth, writing in The National Interest.

On Friday, Karnataka Health Minister K Sudhakar alleged that World Health Organization, without any scientific evidence and rational reasoning, has said that number of deaths registered in India due to Covid-19 is not the actual numbers.

He added that every death in this country has been scientifically registered. Every death is registered in the most fragmented way in India, he further added.


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First Published: Sat, May 07 2022. 07:51 IST