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Facebook: US Judge's class action could be a multi-billion-dollar threat

It's rare for consumers to win class-action status in privacy cases

Joel Rosenblatt | Bloomberg 

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A 3D-printed Facebook logo is seen in front of displayed stock graph | Photo: Reuters

A federal judge ruled Monday that millions of the social network’s users can proceed as a group with claims that its photo-scanning technology violated an law by gathering and storing biometric data without their consent. Damages could be steep -- a fact that wasn’t lost on the judge, who was unsympathetic to Facebook’s arguments for limiting its legal exposure.

The case dates back to 2015, long before became mired in controversy over revelations that millions of its users’ private information fell into the hands of British consulting firm It’s rare for consumers to win class-action status in privacy cases. In Facebook’s history, most such cases don’t get that far.

has for years encouraged users to tag people in photographs they upload in their personal posts and the stores the collected information. The company has used a program it calls DeepFace to match other photos of a person. Alphabet Inc.’s cloud-based Google Photos service uses similar technology and Google faces a lawsuit in Chicago like the one against in San Francisco federal court.


Both have insisted in court that gathering data on what you look like isn’t against the law, even without your permission. But under the Biometric Information Privacy Act of 2008, the could be fined $1,000 to $5,000 each time a person’s image is used without consent.

Shawn Williams, a lawyer for the users, said it’s not clear yet whether the lawsuit might prompt changes in the way Facebook uses biometric data.

First Published: Tue, April 17 2018. 13:33 IST