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IPL 2018: Jason Roy's 91 gets Delhi their first win; beat MI by 7 wickets

Delhi Daredevils beat Mumbai Indians by 7 wickets. Jason Roy scored a match-winning 91.

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Rohit Sharma, IPL 2018, Mumbai Indians, IPL, Gujarat Lions, Mumbai
Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma File Photo: PTI

Delhi Daredevils beat in a cliff hanger on the last ball of the match. Chasing 195, it was never easy for Delhi, but they played decent cricket. Runs kept coming, despite the wickets. Jason Roy made a match-winning 91 for his team. This is Delhi's first win in this year's IPL. Mumbai India's still remain winless. Delhi beat Mumbai by 7 wickets.

Delhi Daredevils innings over by over

Over 1: Hardik Pandya to start for and Jason Roy to open for Delhi Daredevils. One run to Roy. One to Gambhir as well. Four for Jason Roy, deep extra cover. Powerful shot. One run to Roy. easy pickings. Dot ball. Gambhir goes for a four. Pulled away. End of over 11-0

Over 2: Akila Dananjaya is the bowler. Dot. Hit for a six. that was massive massive hit. Jason Roy hit it out of Wankhede. Dot ball. Four. Good shot. Single taken by Roy. Gambhir has taken a single. End of over: DD 23-0

Over 3: Jasprit Bhumra comes into the attack. Effective start. Two dot balls. Gambhir defending well. Hit towards the square leg for two. Dot Ball, swing and a miss. Effective over. Another dot, frustrating for Gambhir, top-notch bowling by Jasprit Bhumra. End of the over. Just two runs. DD 25-0

Over 4: Mustafizur Rahman comes to the attack. Nice and tight. Just three from 5 balls. Keeping it really tight. Gambhir looking frustrated. End of the over DD 29-0

Over 5: Pandya is back, Gambhir wacks him for a four, could have been a six. Single taken. Pandya not impressive. Roy hits Pandya for a big six. Not a good outing for Pandya. Boom, here is another one. SIX! Straight down the ground goes Jason Roy, four runs. Pandya helpless. Dot to end. DD 50-0

Over 6: Rahman to continue. Gambhir is out. He was looking very rusty. takes the catch. Gambhir gone for 15 from 16 balls. Jason takes a single. Rishab Pant joins him. Opens his account with a single. Single, tight over. Dot to end powerplay. DD 53-1

Over 7: introduced. Dot balls, singles. Rishab hits a four, good shot. Another shot by Pant for four. Single to end the over. End of over: DD 63-1

Over 8: Akila Dananjaya is back. One run to Pant. Single to Roy. Another single, good rotation of strike. Two runs to Roy. Rare dot. Right on the ground. That was close. End of over DD 68-1

Over 9: Markande, greeted with a four by Rishab Pant. One run. Roy, hits Markande for huge six, down the ground. Single taken. Rishab Pant, dispatches Markande for a four. Delhi scoring above 9 runs per over. End of over: DD 85-1

Over 10: This is a massive over for Delhi Daredevils, Jason Roy and Rishab Pant have ripped Akila Dananjaya apart. Six, four, one, one, six, one. 19 from the over. DD 104-1

Over 11: Bhumra is back. Fifty for Jason Roy. Down of the ground, wacked for four. Nelson on the scoreboard. 111-1. Jason is taking Bhumra apart now. One run to Jason Roy. Pant blocks. single to end the over. DD 113-1

Over 12: Krunal Pandya is now into the attack. Rishab Pant doesn't discriminate, welcomes him for a four. Single taken. Jason Roy takes a single and rotates the strike. Pant blocks. Oh, the change has worked, Rishab Pant goes for 47. Glenn Maxwell is here. Dot ball. End of over: DD 119-2

Over 13: Markande continues. Maxwell and Jason dealing in ones and twos. One bounce and four for Maxwell. Six! what a shot by Maxwell. This is huge over. End of over: DD 134-2

Over 14: Krunal to bowl. Maxwell hits in the air, Hardik takes a blinder. What a catch. Maxwell disappoints. Shreyas Iyer joins in. Just the three runs from the over so far. Dot to finish. DD 137-3.

Over 15: Dananjaya is back. One run. Roy takes a double. Wide ball. One run to Roy. Iyer blocks. Iyer hits a six, marvelous shot. 11 from it. 148-3 Over 16: Krunal gets hit for a six and a four. Brilliant stuff from Jason and Shreyas. 12 runs from the over. DD 160-3

Over 17: In the air, dropped. Poor fielding. Should have been taken. Four, Roy is on a song. Single to Roy. Iyer, hits Bhumara for a four. Dropped again! What is MI doing?? End of the over. 11 came from it. DD 171-3, Need 24 from 18

Over 18: Mustafizur to bowl. One run. He can make up for the dropped catches by taking wickets. One run, leg-by. Sloppy fielding. Dot, precious dot ball. Two runs, brilliant running. Not going Mumbai's way. Another precious dot. Four, what a bad end to good over. DD 179-3. DD need 16 from 12.

Over 19: Bhumra to continue. Single. This is the over. One more. And in the air, is it out? NO, it is no man's land. Two runs. Another single. Dot. Precious dot once again. 11 from 7. Dot again!

Over 20: 11 to defend for Mustafizur. Jason Roy to face. Jason Roy hammers it over the covers for four. Six. scores level. Mustafizur disappoints. What an innings from Jason Roy. Dot ball. Still, something left in the match. Another dot. Wow! Another Dot. It has come to the last ball. OMG! High in the air,And that is it for them. Delhi win.

Delhi Daredevils innings analysis at the end of the match Chasing a gettable target of 195, Jason Roy and opened the innings for Delhi Daredevils and scored 11 runs in the first over of Hardik Pandya, who came to open the bowling for Dananjaya Akhila came to bowl the second over of the inning and Jason Roy shimmers down the ground and hit a gigantic six over the mid-wicket of the Akhila’s second ball. He continued to score runs off his bowling and hit the 4th ball for a four in mid wicket region before taking a single off the 5th ball. Dhananjaya Akhila gave 12 runs in his first over. After leaking 23 runs in first two overs, Mumbai Indians’ captain asked to bowl the 2nd over and he delivered by missing the outside edge of Gambhir’s bat in the first two balls. What a start from Bumrah, he gave only 2 runs in his first over. At end of 3rd over DD needed 170 runs of 17 over After Bumrah’s superb first over Mustafizur Rehman came to bowl the 4th over of the innings and gave way only 4 runs as required run rate increase to 10.37 runs per over. Gambhir, who struggled to score big shots of Bumrah and Rehman, hit first ball of hardik 2nd over for 4 and Jason Roy deposited 4th ball of his over into the crowd for a six. Jason Roy muscled Hardik’s short ball for a gigantic six over square leg of his 5th ball. Delhi scored 21 runs off Hardik’s 2nd over to bring required run rate down to 9 runs per over. Rehman came to bowl the last over of the powerplay and took the Gautam Gambhir’s wicket of the first ball to give Mumbai Indians its first break-through. came to bat after the dismissal of Gambhir. Mustafizur bowled an economical over and gave only 3 runs and took one wicket in his second over. greeted Akhila with a six and four of his first two balls to up the scoring rate and took a single very next ball. A sensible batting Pant. Pant hit the second six of the over as he shimmers down the ground and lifted him over long on. Pant doing the bulk of scoring as they collected 19 runs in 10th over of the innings. Now Delhi needed 91 runs off 60 balls. was brought back to put a lid on the run flow but failed to do so as Jason Roy hit him for a boundary over mid-off and took easy singles. Jason Roy completed his 50 in 27 balls. Jason Roy and collected 9 runs of Bumrah’s over. Looking desperate to get a wicket, brings Krunal Pandya and Pant hit his first ball for a six but Pant got perished with 3 runs short of his 50. Pant scored 47 runs in 25 balls with a strike rate of 188. Jason Roy and Rishabh Pant came together and brought Delhi into the game with a partnership of 69 runs in 36 balls. Maxwell came to bat after dismissal of Pant’s wicket Marakande came to bowl the 13th over of the innings and gave only 5 balls before getting hit for a six and a four of his last two balls by While trying to score big Maxwell hit Krunal’s 2nd ball over the cover but didn’t time it well as Hardik pulled off a brilliant catch. Shreyas Iyer came to bowl after the fall of Maxwell’s wicket. Krunal Pandya’s two over changing the course of the game again as he gave 3 runs in 14th over. Akila gave 11 runs in the in his last over to finish his quota of overs giving 47 runs. Krunal Pandya’s gave only 9 runs in his first two overs but gave 12 runs in his 3rd over. Delhi Daredevils needed 35 to win off 24 balls

Bumrah came to bowl the 17th over of the innings and Mustafizur dropped Shreyas Iyer twice in the over as Bumrah gave 11 runs in his 3rd over. Delhi needed 24 runs off 18 balls with 7 wickets in hand. Mastafizur came to bowl the 18th over of the innings and gave only 2 runs in his first 3 balls and kept the things tight for Mumbai Indians. Jason Roy playing brilliantly at 72 off 44 balls with 5 six and 5 four. Mustafizur hit for a four of the last ball and DD needed 16 runs in last two overs. Bumrah came to bowl the penultimate over, Jason Sensibly plays it for single at point region. Iyer took a single of the full toss at mid-wicket. Bumrah bombozzles Roy with a slower ball as the ball landed in the no mans land. Bumrah gave only 5 runs in his last over. Delhi Daredevils needed 11 runs off 6 balls.

Jason Roy to face the last over hits the first ball of the over for four, Delhi needs 7 runs in 5 balls and Roy flicked Mustafizur for 6 over fine leg and now Roy sealed the game for the Delhi Daredevils. But Mustafizur bowled three dot balls as Delhi Daredevils needs one of last one ball. Last ball and Jason Roy hit the ball over the in field to register first win for the Delhi Daredevils by 7 wickets. Jason Roy scored 91 runs off 53 balls

Mumbai Indians Innings over by over

Over 1: to bowl. Suryakumar Yadav and Ewin Lewis to open. Nice shot, just the two. DOt. Good shot for four by Yadav. Another four. Pulled away a marginally short ball. Off the pads, down to fine leg for four. End of over: MI 15-0

Over 2: Shahbaaz Nadeem in the attack. Poor misfield from Glenn Maxwell and the ball races away to the boundary. One run to Mid-on. Very wide. Extra run. One more single. Another single. Dot. Sweep, very high in the air. Saved two runs, was never going to be a catch. End of over: MI 25-0

Over 3: Boult to continue. Yadav hits a cracking four down the ground. Dot. Chipped away over the keeper's head for four by Yadav. Single taken. Runs coming in thick and fast. Lewis has smacked Boult for a huge six. Right over his head. Dot to end the over. MI: 40-0

Over 4: Nadeem pitches it shot, gone for four. Tried stopping it, didn't work. And another shot ball put away for a huge six. 50 up for Mumbai. Wide ball. Sloppy bowling by Nadeem. Two dots. End of over: MI 52-0

Over 5: Mohd Shami comes to the attack and is hit for a six by Yadav. What a shot. Four, he is on fire. Suryakumar is slaughtering the Delhi bowling.

Back to back dots. Another dot. End the over with a four. Suryakumar Yadav is striking above 200. Shami gave 14 runs in his opening over. End of over: MI 66-0

Over 6: Daniel Christian is into the attack. Lewis greets him with a four. They are unstoppable. Here's another four, towards cover. Lewis is toying with Christian. Rare dot ball. He hit this for four as well. This is tormenting for the bowlers. And six to end the powerplay. MI 84-0

Over 7: Finally a tight over. Rahul Tewatia is bowling a decent and tight line. Just the three runs. Swing and a miss.

Over 8: Maxwell into the attack. Surprise move. One run. Another single. Decent. Dot ball. Wide, can't afford to go down the leg that much. End of over: MI 92-0

Over 9: Tweatia back. Just a single. Leading edge, another single. And Lewis hits him for a six. 100 up for Mumbai Indians. One and one. This is very good batting. Lewis and Yadav are taking it to the Delhi Daredevils bowlers. Out, caught. Lewis is out for 48. Mistimed. End of over: MI 102-1

Over 10: 50 up for Suryakumar Yadav. Maxwell bowled a very tight over. just 4 runs. that is what Delhi is looking for.

Over 11: Tewatia to continue. Two runs. Yadav out LBW, being reviewed. He is out. Suryakumar Yadav goes for 53 from 32. Captain of Mumbai Indians Rohit Sharma comes out. plays it for a single. Dot balls. End of over: MI 111-2

Over 12: Maxwell continues. Keeping it tight. Just two singles. And here is the first boundary for Captain Sharma. Single. Kishan, hits it for four. Expensive over. One to end. MI: 122-2

Over 13: Tewatia continues. Single, wide, dot and a single. Kishan smashes him for a four. Six, over deep point. is now taking it to Tewatia. He was impressive but is now leaking runs. Another maximum. wow, Kishan is fired up. End of the over: MI 141-2

Over 14: Dan Christian is back. One run to Rohit. Dot ball, a Good comeback by Christian. Two more singles. This is very improved line by and length by Christian. Oh, last ball four. Spoilt the good over. Eight runs coming from it. MI: 149-2

Over 15: Shami continues, edged and four. Cheeky shot. Very clever from Ishan. This time straight to Gautam. Another one right there, again to Four, this time gets it past the fielder. One to end the over. MI 158-2

Over 16: Christian to continue. Swings for two, Ishan. Ishan hits it through for four. Double again for Ishan. Eight of first three already. Bowled him. Ishan is gone. Good ball by Christian. Trying to reverse sweep a full toss from Christian. Ishan out for 44. Kieron Pollard is the new man. He joins Rohit Sharma. He's bowled. Christian is now doing some justice to the Delhi Daredevils. First ball duck. That is a golden duck. Krunal Pandya is in. Hat-trick ball for Daniel Christian. One run. End of over: MI 167-4.

Over 17: Shami continues. Krunal takes a single. Krunal hits a four to long-off. Dot ball. Single taken. Rohit on strike. Rohit takes a single as well. Krunal takes a single. Easy pickings for Mumbai. Rohit ends the over with a two. MI: 176-4.

Over 18: comes back. He has been very expensive. 2 overs for 26 runs. Bowls to Krunal, one run. Awkward looking shot. Rohit is out, caught by Jason Roy. Rohit Sharma out for 18. Hardik Pandya joins his brother Krunal Pandya. Wide.

Over 19: Shami continues. two singles. Good bowling. Krunal Padya is out. oh he is not out. Delhi reviews and yes, ultraedge shows a spike, and he is gone. Krunal Pandya goes for 11. Poetic justice for Mohd Shami. Akila Dananjaya. Dot ball. Akila takes a double. A dot. End of over: MI 187-6

Over 20: Boult to continue. Hardik Pandya goes for 2. Delhi is really pulling it back. is out to bat. Joins Akila. Dananajay takes a single. Double for Markande. Leg-by, one run. Another single. two runs to end the innings. Mumbai Indians 194-7

Mumbai Indians innings analysis at the end of innings After winning the toss Delhi Daredevils captain Gautam Gambhir asked Mumbai Indians to bat first. and Suryakumar Yadav came to open the innings for MI. Surya Kumar got the reward of playing well in first two matches as he was asked to bat open the batting. The Mumbai openers gave MI the much-needed flying start but mostly because of Delhi Daredevils poor fielding. Delhi Daredevils fielder missed the ball twice first time in first over and another one in the second over and on both occasions the ball went for the boundary. In the first over of the innings, MI openers scored 15 runs with help of 2 fours and one leg bye that went for four. The second over bowled by Nadeem and he gave away 10 runs. 2nd over was also expensive as he gave away 15 runs. After the end of 3 overs, Mumbai Indians was 40 for no loss with Surya Kumar Yadav doing the bulk of the scoring. Yadav scored 22 of 11 while lewis 13 runs came in 7 balls. and Surya Kumar Yadav are looking dangerous as duo brought fastest fifty for Mumbai Indians under 4 overs. Nadeem came to bowl his 2nd over and Yadav greeted him with a wonderful straight drive for four. brought 50 runs for Mumbai Indians with a six in the leg side. Surya Kumar Yadav playing superbly as he dispatched the first ball of Shami’s over for six over the short fine leg and Yadav shows his skill in the next ball as he scored four of the Yorker. Another expensive over for Delhi Daredevils as they gave away 14 runs in the 5th over. Daniel Christian came to bowl the last over of the powerplay and Lewis greeted him with an extraordinary cover drive as he collected 12 runs in first 4 balls of the over including 3 fours and finished the over with a six with a six. After the end of the power play, MI scored 84 runs without losing a single wicket.

Tewatia came to bowl the 7th over of the inning and didn’t allow Lewis and Yadav to free his arms and gave only 3 runs. At end of the 7 overs, Mumbai was at 87 for no loss. Lewis is playing at 38 runs off 20 balls and Yadav is at 43 runs of 22 balls. Gambhir asked Maxwell to bowl the 8th over to reduce the flow of runs as the Mumbai openers are looking dangerous. Delhi Daredevils is somewhat able to restrict the flow of runs as they gave only 8 runs in 7th and 8th over. Maxwell gave only 5 runs in his first over when the MI’s run rate is over 11 runs per over. Tewatia came to bowl the 9th over and now Yadav, Lewis is looking anxious to score big and Lewis did it and brings Mumbai Indians 100 runs with a six before getting out of the last ball of Tewatia’s second over. Evin Lewis scored 48 runs off 28 balls with 4 fours and 4 sixes with a strike rate of 171.42 After the Lewis wicket, Ishan Kishan came to bat, Maxwell came to bowl the 10th over of the innings. Surya Kumar Yadav completes his 50 by taking double. He reached the landmark in 29 balls. Maxwell again bowled a brilliant over and only gave away 5 runs. Tewatia came to bowl his 3rd over and turned the things for Delhi Daredevils as he removed Surya Kumar Yadav. Now with two batsmen on the crease, it will be very hard for Mumbai Indians to score at the same pace. Mumbai Indians’ captain Rohit Sharma came to bat after the wicket of Surya Kumar Yadav. Tewatia pulled the things back for Delhi Daredevils as he gave only 17 runs and took 2 wickets in his 3 over he bowled. Maxwell came to bowl his 3rd over, Rohit played a cheeky shot for four in the second ball of the 12th over. This is most expensive bowled by Maxwell as he gave 11 runs. After the Lewis wicket, Ishan Kishan came to bat, Maxwell came to bowl the 10th over of the innings. Surya Kumar Yadav completes his 50 by taking double. He reached the landmark in 29 balls. Maxwell again bowled a brilliant over and only gave away 5 runs. Tewatia came to bowl his 3rd over and turned the things for Delhi Daredevils as he removed Surya Kumar Yadav. Now with two batsmen on the crease, it will be very hard for Mumbai Indians to score in the same pace. Mumbai Indians’ captain Rohit Sharma came to bat after the wicket of Surya Kumar Yadav. Tewatia pulled the things back for Delhi Daredevils as he gave only 17 runs and took 2 wickets in his 3 over he bowled. Maxwell came to bowl his 3rd over, Rohit played a cheeky shot for four in the second ball of the 12th over. This is most expensive bowled by Maxwell as he gave 11 runs. Ishan Kishan takes the charge for Mumbai Indians as he scored 16 runs of Tewatia ’s last over with 2 sixes and one four and disturbed his bowling figures. Tewatia completed his full quota of overs giving 36 runs and taking 2 wickets. Daniel Christian came to bowl the 14th over and gave 8 runs in his 2nd over. Shami came to bowl the 15th over and Ishan Kishan greeted him with a four, Shami gave away 9 runs in his 2nd over. At the end of 15 overs, MI is 158/2 with Ishan Kishan doing the bulk of the scoring. Kishan is playing on 36 runs off 19 balls with a strike rate of 189.47.

Christian came to bowl the 16th over and Kishan collected 8 runs of his first 3 balls before getting out while trying to improvise and gets bowled. Ishan Kishan scored 44 runs off 23 runs with a strike rate of 191. Kieron Pollard came to bat after Kishan’s wicket and got bowled by Christian on his first as Pollard scored the Golden duck. Christian is on hattrick and Krunal Pandya easily evades the pitched-up delivery for a single. At the end of 16th over Mumbai Indians was 167 for 4 with a run-rate of 10.43 runs per over.

Shami came to bowl the 17th over of the innings, Krunal Pandya hit his second ball for 4 before taking a single off the next ball. Rohit Sharma is looking a bit rusty as he is taking only singles and doubles. Shami gave 9 runs in his 3rd over. Trent Boult came to bowl the 18th over of the innings and gave only 3 runs in first two balls. Rohit Sharma while trying to score some quick runs gets out and Sharma’s poor form continues. He scored 18 runs off 15 balls with a strike rate of 120, a disappointing performance. Hardik Pandya came to bat after Rohit’s wicket. Boult gave 7 runs in his 3rd over Shami came to bowl the penultimate over of the innings, Pandya brothers are struggling to play big shots as Delhi Daredevils bowler pulled it back for their team. Krunal Pandya got out while trying to accelerate. Shami took the crucial wicket to put the lid on the run rate. Akhila came to bat. Shami only gave 4 runs in his last over. He finishes off with a figure of 36 runs and 1 runs. Trent Boult came to bowl the last over and took the crucial wicket of Hardik Pandya of the first ball. This a dramatic comeback by Delhi Daredevils. From 166 for 2 Mumbai Indian collapsed to 188 for 7 in 5 overs. Trent Boult gave 7 runs in his last over. Delhi Daredevils will be happy to restrict Mumbai Indians below 200 mark.

Mumbai Indians Playing XI: Rohit Sharma(c), Evin Lewis, Ishan Kishan(w), Suryakumar Yadav, Hardik Pandya, Krunal Pandya, Kieron Pollard, Mayank Markande, Jasprit Bumrah, Mustafizur Rahman, Akila Dananjaya. Changes: Akila Dananjaya replaces Ben Cutting. Hardik Padya replaces Pradeep Sangwan

Delhi Daredevils Playing XI: Jason Roy, Gautam Gambhir(c), Shreyas Iyer, Rishabh Pant(w), Glenn Maxwell, Vijay Shankar, Daniel Christian, Rahul Tewatia, Shahbaz Nadeem, Mohammed Shami, Trent Boult. Changes: Jason Roy replaces Dan Christian replaces Chris Morris.

In the season opener against Chennai Super Kings, Mumbai Indians were at the receiving end of Dwayne Bravo’s onslaught, which helped CSK win, while most recently, despite scoring a below-par 147-8 against Sunrisers Hyderabad, MI made a match out of it, only to be pipped right at the post. Mumbai Indians, having now been tagged slow starters, should be worried that despite all their batting might, not one of their batsmen has scored a half-century in their two matches yet. Against Sunrisers Hyderabad, Evin Lewis’ 29 was the top score of the innings, while in the opener against CSK, three batsmen made the 40s but none converted his into a big score.

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The story of Delhi Daredevils is not so different. Having lost their first two encounters of IPL 2018, they find themselves at the bottom of the Vivo IPL points table. In their most recent outing against Rajasthan Royals, Delhi Daredevils’ chances of getting their first points on the board were impacted by the weather. DD did well to restrict Rajasthan Royals to 153-5 in 17.5 overs, when rains began and forced the players off the field. DD were then given a steep target of 71 off 6 overs. Such targets are difficult to chase down even for the best in business, especially if the overs are so few. Despite their best efforts, DD fell short by 10 runs.

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Here is what to look forward to in today's match between Mumbai Indians and Delhi Daredevils at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai: Mumbai Indians batsmen who can make an impact in today's match against Delhi Daredevils: MI would especially hope for an end to the dismal run of Mumbai Indians skipper Rohit Sharma, who fell cheaply in both the games after a largely forgettable tour of South Africa and some modest run in the tri-series in Sri Lanka prior to the commencement of the T20 League. Rohit's form is crucial for Mumbai and with Lewis too not coming good, the opening partnership has been struggling to get going. If Evin Lewis scores a fifty the chances of winning the side for whom he plays is maximum. Off the 22 times Evin Lewis has gone past 50 in T20 cricket, 20 have resulted in victories for his team. Ishan Kishan is another destructive batsmen in the Mumbai Indians top-order and the southpaw from Jharkhand has grown leaps and bounds in the last two years. Kishan can cause plenty of damage if only he spends a reasonable period of time at the crease. Delhi Daredevils batsmen who can make an impact in today's match against Mumbai Indians: Like Mumbai Indians, Delhi Daredevils also have two left handers at the top of the their batting line up who can cause plenty of damage on a given day. has destroyed several bowling attacks in various parts of the world in the last twelve months, while Rishabh Pant needs to convert his cameos into significant scores. Expectations will be high from local boy Shreyas Iyer, apart from captain Gambhir, Rishabh Pant, Aussie Glenn Maxwell, Englishman Jason Roy and Kiwi Mumbai Indians bowlers to look forward to today: In the bowling department, Mumbai Indians has the likes of and Mustafizur Rahman, the two bowlers first made name for themselves in the T20 format. Both the quicks were off-colour in the season opener but came into their own in their later spells in the match against Sunrisers Hyderabad. Among the bowlers, rookie leg spinner has been brilliant in the two games. His seven wickets, including the four scalps that he captured in a low-scoring tie against Sunrisers at Hyderabad last night, earned him the purple cap. Delhi Daredevils bowlers to look forward to today: Delhi Daredevils have the likes of Trent Boult, Mohammed Shami and Chris Morris in their ranks. These three bowlers need to perform for DD if they want to register their first win of Trent Boult was impressive with the new ball in the match against the Rajasthan Royals and got the ball to move around off the surface and even troubled a technically-sound batsman like Ajinkya Rahane. The Kiwi left-armerused the slower one to dismiss Ben Stokes, and he will be feeling confident heading into his match. What Rohit Sharma said after MI lost against Sunrisers Hyderabad: After suffering their second loss in the ongoing (IPL), Mumbai Indians (MI) skipper Rohit Sharma felt that his side wasn't able to put a fighting total against Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH). "Being at the receiving end for the second time is tough to digest. It wasn't a good enough total, and our batsmen should have done better. The bowlers showed a lot of character to get us back into the game. We have a great squad, and for the youngsters to come out and perform, it's amazing. They have a long way to go," Rohit said. What MI bowling coach Shane Bond said after theie loss to Sunrisers Hyderabad: Mumbai Indians bowling coach Shane Bond feels his team could have played a bit smarter and posted a bigger score but in the end some errors in their decision-making cost them the last-ball IPL thriller against Sunrisers Hyderabad. "I thought today we made some decision-making errors. There were chances today, we could have played little bit smarter, just kicked on and probably got a score of 160, 170, which would have been really tough against our bowling attack. I thought we had a pretty good chance to win. We just needed the one wicket. We fought really well to get ourselves into the position," Bond said. Adam Milne to replace Pat Cummins, who has been ruled out of IPL 2018: The injury-hit Mumbai Indians have received a reinforcement in the form of New Zealand pacer Adam Milne, who has replaced Australian Pat Cummins for the current IPL. Milne, who turned 26 on Friday and a right-arm fast bowler, has appeared in five IPL matches, all for Royal Challengers Bangalore in the previous two seasons. Milne, who arrived in Mumbai on Thursday, took part in Friday’s optional training under lights. Suspence over Hardik Pandya's inclusion in Mumbai Indians team for today's match: Hardik Pandya, injured in the tournament opener, did not travel to Hyderabad for the second match. He sprained his ankle but is not a major injury and should be available to play on Saturday subject to passing fitness test, according to some news report. What Gautam Gambhir said after Daredevils lost to Rajasthan Royals in Jaipur: Delhi Daredevils captain Gautam Gambhir said the revised target during the rain-hit match against Rajasthan Royals was a difficult one to chase. We were very much in the game. It was a beautiful wicket to bat on, then 150-odd for 5 in 18 overs, we thought we could contain them to 170 and it was chaseable, especially with dew coming in later on. We were very much happy with the first innings. But then in 6 overs, 71 was tough. We had to go from ball one. Obviously with these sort of games, things could go either way. Just 2 overs of Powerplay, it's very difficult," Gambhir said after the match.

Teams: Head to Head

Overall Matches played: 20 Mumbai Indians won: 11 Delhi Daredevils won: 9

At the Wankhede Stadium Matches played: 6 Mumbai Indians won: 5 Delhi Daredevils won: 1.

The Mumbai Indians have got the better of Delhi Daredevils on their last four visits to the Wankhede Stadium.

Mumbai Indians and Delhi Daredevils: Some trivia

  • Gautam Gambhir’s batting average of 22.60 against the Mumbai Indians is his lowest against any of the currently participating eight IPL teams.
  • The last time Trent Boult played a match at the Wankhede Stadium – an ODI on 22 October 2017 – he walked away with the wickets of Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, MS Dhoni and Hardik Pandya.
  • The batting strike-rate of Munro, Pant and Maxwell in T20 cricket read 148.69, 161.22 and 157.63 respectively.

First Published: Sat, April 14 2018. 19:43 IST