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Best of BS Opinion: AAP govt schemes, India's household savings, and more

Here's a selection of Business Standard Opinion pieces for the day.

Alokananda Chakraborty 

illustration: Binay Sinha
Illustration: Binay Sinha

From the reasons the narrower stock market indices might remain disconnected from the prospects of the Indian economy to why states should resist the temptation to hand out free electricity and the manner in which Indian household save, here's a selection of Business Standard pieces for the day.

Where does one put the current disconnect between weak economic momentum and soaring stock markets? Does the fiscal deficit target of 3 per cent of gross domestic product make any sense at all? Is there a way to use the "nudge" theory to improve pension savings? Alokananda Chakraborty sums up.

The giveaways that have not burdened Delhi to a large extent might have severe fiscal consequences elsewhere — alongside being more inefficient, says our top edit. Click here to read...

The government should not lose more time in taking a final call on amending the National Food Security Act, says our second edit. Read on...

The relative performance of small and mid-caps may be a better indicator of the future than the index levels of the narrower and more popular indices, writes Neelkanth Mishra, co-head of Asia Pacific Strategy and India Strategist for Credit Suisse.

Click here to read...

Soumya Kanti Ghosh & Pulak Ghosh discuss the determinants of household savings in India and explain how the reforms in the tax structure incorporated by the 2020 Budget will likely affect that. Click here to read...

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