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Letter to BS: Govt should first simplify and reform the taxation of fuels

Solar energy provides such an alternative

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With rising fuel prices, one wonders when alternative sources of energy can be made available to the common man. are high because of high on petrol, and other fuels in India. The government should first simplify and reform the of fuels and then invest in developing alternative sources of energy as soon as possible. This is because high affect every aspect of the Indian economy and thus the GDP. The most notable impact of high is rising unemployment. India has to import more than 80 per cent of its fuels. Therefore, it stands to reason that a cheap alternative source of energy be made available to the common man to offset our dependence on fossil fuels and on other countries. provides such an alternative.

Advances in miniaturisation technology has made an answer to India’s energy woes. Also, many Indian entrepreneurs see as a viable business. Therefore, it is time that the government stepped up to the plate and allocated funds to explore the viability of solar energy as an alternative to fossil fuels. This has become all the more important because wind energy, which was considered more viable than solar energy at one time, has been proven to be impractical. Furthermore, nuclear energy is bogged down by international regulations and by environmental concerns at home. Thus, solar energy is India’s best bet.

Shaikh Salimuddin Gurugram

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First Published: Mon, May 21 2018. 23:11 IST