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Wearing leather shoes can help one navigate an overheated stock market

There are many theories on when it is a good time to buy and when to sell your equity investment

Business Standard 


Shoeshine boys and stocks

Stock investors are always on the lookout for buy and sell signals. There are theories on when it is a good time to buy and when to sell your equity investment. One such is that it is time to sell when your shoeshine boy starts giving you stock tips. This means the market is so overheated that even a layman can guess what is going to happen. Hedge fund manager Samir Arora believes to take full advantage of the theory one has to always wear leather shoes. “Otherwise you won't get to meet a shoeshine boy, so won't even know what he is talking about,” he says.

Colour doesn’t matter

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has just flagged off the as part of her women's empowerment plan. Around 1,000 taxis — pink and white — driven exclusively by women would be able to avail of the state government's Gatidhara scheme. As opposed to a subsidy of Rs 1 lakh for other cars, the Pink taxi-owners will get Rs 1.5 lakh. More than 36,000 have already availed of the Gatidhara scheme. Though women car owners would now have an edge under the scheme, passengers need not worry, as all were welcome to take a ride.

A meeting of equals

Madhya Pradesh women and child development minister Imarati Devi is back in the news, but for the wrong reasons. During a meeting with anganwadiworkers in Shivpuri district, she was confronted by a dissatisfied worker who complained they receive a very small honorarium for all their hard work. The minister told her that the honorarium depends on the person's educational qualifications. The worker shot back and demanded to know the minister's qualifications, which left her fuming. According to the government website, the minister has passed her higher secondary examination. Incidentally, the minister was in the news a month ago when she fumbled while reading aloud a speech at the 70th Republic Day function in Gwalior. In a video clip that went viral, she was seen passing the papers to the district collector and saying, “aage collector sahab padhenge”.

First Published: Mon, February 25 2019. 21:16 IST