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Maharashtra govt formation highlights: Prez rule imposed; negotiations on

Maharashtra govt formation: With no consensus achieved between Shiv Sena, NCP and Congress, President's rule has been imposed

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chief on Tuesday said the Congress, the and his party will work out a formula for formation of the government in Maharashtra facing political uncertainty for nearly three weeks now. Attacking the BJP over its claim that the Sena was in touch with the Congress-since the October 24 poll results, Thackeray said he had allied with the chief NDA constituent in its "dark times".

"I officially spoke to the Congress-only yesterday (November 11), seeking support for government formation. We will work out a formula for the same," he told reporters after meeting the Sena's MLA-elects at a suburban resort.

He said the Sena needs a clarity on the Common Minimum Programme (CMP) just like the and the NCP if a government is to be formed with their support.
With President's rule imposed, now any party can approach the governor with letter of support of 145 MLAs to form the government. 

The BJP, which is ruling in the interim, has 105 MLAs and opted out of forming a government when its ally, the Sena, insisted on the Chief Minister's post.


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