Need to protect people's data legally and technologically: Nandan Nilekani

He says Aadhaar is a much simpler system, but if it becomes ubiquitous and is used in several applications, then the number would go into every database and somebody can combine the databases

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Nandan Nilekani, the technology billionaire who was the first chairperson of the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), the parent organisation for Aadhaar, said on Monday that data privacy is a major concern area in the country and there is a need to make sure that people are protected as much as possible both legally and technologically. “I think it is something we should take cognizance of and we should be concerned about,” said Nilekani at an event organised by trade body FICCI. When asked if Aadhaar could be misused referring to the Supreme Court case, ...