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Atul Jalan's Book 'Where will Man Take Us? - A Bold Story of the Man Technology is Creating' Hits the Stands

Press Trust of India  |  BENGALURU 

/ -- Authored by Jalan, of Manthan Systems, the book looks at the immediate future of mankind and what lies in wait

Now available on and for INR 399

Entrepreneur, and science storyteller, Jalan launched his new book titled, 'Where - A Bold story of the Man Technology is creating' published by Books. The book is available for INR 399 at all major book stores in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Chennai and on and


Man has always been changing, but the pace of change in the past few years is unprecedented and that is the facet the book highlights. The change is unfolding at a relentless speed, it is in fact hurtling forward rather than just accelerating. This bringsforth the question - where is all this leading to? The book deep dives into how mankind is at a stage where they are going through a revolution wrought by new emerging tech. It explores the path-breaking transformations that technology is usheriring into mankind as a society and as a species. The book seamlessly weaves the future of technology with the changing dynamics of human love, morality and ethics.

This debate on change has also been restricted to the Western hemisphere and there have not been too many discussions in Hopefully this will be the beginning of that journey. "This has been a source of concern for me. And for the past couple of years, I have been trying to do what I can. Which is, put down my thoughts as a science storyteller," said Jalan, on what inspired him to write the book.

In the past few years, science and technology has opened up a plethora of opportunities for humans. According to the book, the fusion of technology and biology will amplify the pace of human lives and the quality in the coming years. The generation born in this era may not be what mankind is actually ought to be. The society that will evolve will not be what we are so comfortable with, understand and cherish.

Atul adds, "With this book, I have tried to demystify the transformations upon us, by tracing back to human evolution and how technology is helping us leapfrog to the future."

'Where - A Bold story of the Man Technology is Creating' is one of those rare debates on futuristic tech that emanates from It answers questions such as: Is it a dystopian nightmare that is awaiting? Or will man finally ascend to godliness? Will future generations be as 'humane'? What will happen to democracy? Or love and sex? Or marriage? Or happiness? Most importantly, how will the ideas of jobs and money change?

"Amid the expeditiously changing world around us, we sometimes wish we had a moment to pause and understand how we are evolving. Where offers us that pause - a wonderfully stirring and deeply philosophical book in which Atul provides a compelling picture of the ever-changing world we inhabit today. It is an honour for us, at India, to publish this forward-looking, big-ideas book which will expand your mind and push readers to embrace the world's wonder." says Radhika Marwah, Commissioning Editor, Books,


Atul Jalan, forever on the lookout for the next exciting idea and the next exciting thing to do, is an who is always on the move. A childhood interest in technology transformed into a lasting love for life-technology intersections, through which he now explores how the built is transforming him and the institutions he has created. What interests him the most about this merging of biology with technology is the fact that there is no end to it. A science storyteller and futurist, Jalan is the founder-of a pioneering AI venture, Manthan, by day. It is his fourth successful venture as an entrepreneur, and there is no knowing where he might take us next.

For further details visit: https://atuljalan.

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First Published: Wed, April 17 2019. 12:25 IST