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  • 27-Sep-2018 | Abheek Barua & Tushar Arora

    How much more can the RBI intervene?

    The fact that we are much better protected today might just explain the RBI's reluctance to bring in a biggish chunk of dollars from NRIs either through bonds or dollar deposits as it did in 2013

  • 19-Mar-2018 | Abheek Barua

    US protection and India: A global trade war cannot be good for anyone

    India will not remain unscathed if things begin to hot up and there is retaliation against the US duties from China and the European Union

  • 20-Dec-2017 | Abheek Barua

    Questions for 2018

    The NDA govt has taken enough bold economic moves and should not hesitate to articulate its future vision

  • 17-Dec-2017 | Abheek Barua & Tushar Arora

    2018: Gazing into the crystal ball

    Political risk culminating from elections in the US and Latin America, and evolving right-wing populism in Europe could lead to substantial volatility

  • 03-Dec-2017 | Abheek Barua & Tushar Arora

    What are the bond markets telling us?

    It is likely that the market is anxious about a widening fiscal gap adding to extant inflation pressures bred by both domestic and global factors

  • 22-Nov-2017 | Abheek Barua

    How much should we worry about oil prices?

    Indian policymakers need to watch the sector carefully but maybe there's no reason to get into a deep funk

  • 05-Nov-2017 | Abheek Barua & Tushar Arora

    Will the new US tax code spur growth?

    While the Tax Cuts and Jobs Bill is most likely to be passed in the US, it might end up expanding the deficit

  • 08-Oct-2017 | Abheek Barua & Tushar Arora

    Are emerging markets losing their mojo?

    If the dollar bottoms out and the ECB, BoE bring in tighter monetary policies, emerging markets could head south

  • 27-Sep-2017 | Abheek Barua

    In praise of countercyclical policy

    If it's smartly done and addresses the related problems of growth and employment, it can reap quick rewards

  • 24-Sep-2017 | Abheek Barua & Tushar Arora

    The resurrection of the US dollar

    It's too early to predict if this is the beginning of a dollar rally. But markets cannot afford to ignore the nascent strength

  • 10-Sep-2017 | Abheek Barua & Tushar Arora

    Rupee overvaluation fallacy

    The question is whether the rupee is significantly above its fair value

  • 27-Aug-2017 | Abheek Barua & Tushar Arora

    Jackson hope

    This year's meeting of A-listers from financial world in Jackson Hole was not show to beat all shows

  • 23-Aug-2017 | Abheek Barua & Tanvi Garg

    Understanding the new China

    Doklam standoff could be Beijing's strategy to ensure middle class doesn't question its legitimacy

  • 13-Aug-2017 | Abheek Barua & Tushar Arora

    What's happening to money orders?

    Low crude prices have led to a drop in remittances to India from the diaspora in the Gulf region

  • 30-Jul-2017 | Abheek Barua & Bidisha Ganguly

    Yes, the rupee can appreciate more

    In this world of new 'normals', going past gauges of overvaluation might just be a lost cause

  • 26-Jul-2017 | Abheek Barua

    How farm loan waivers can hurt

    Such bailouts do not have any measurable impact on improving consumption

  • 21-Jun-2017 | Abheek Barua & Sakshi Gupta

    Should RBI cut interest rates?

    Critical components of core inflation have shown a sustained decline over the last few months

  • 18-Jun-2017 | Abheek Barua & Bidisha Ganguly

    The taper without a tantrum

    The fact that the Fed stood its ground seemed to indicate that the Fed was in a 'hawkish' mode

  • 04-Jun-2017 | Abheek Barua & Bidisha Ganguly

    The euro - return of the zombie

    Its resurgence is good news for Indian firms

  • 21-May-2017 | Abheek Barua & Bidisha Ganguly

    Why China needs the One Belt One Road

    China's economic indicators softened and it needs fresh round of stimulus that OBOR could provide

  • 07-May-2017 | Abheek Barua & Bidisha Ganguly

    The future of the rupee

    Post a short-term correction, the rupee could see long-term gains if dollar index falls

  • 26-Apr-2017 | Abheek Barua & Sakshi Gupta

    What happened to credit growth?

    Full-blown economic recovery depends on the reversal of the secular decline in credit growth

  • 23-Apr-2017 | Abheek Barua & Bidisha Ganguly

    Donald Trump and Narendra Modi: A similar agenda

    Both leaders need to grapple with the problem of employment and a low share of manufacturing

  • 09-Apr-2017 | Abheek Barua & Bidisha Ganguly

    Concern with rupee overvaluation

    Given that inflation is likely to rise over the year, the rupee needs to depreciate

  • 26-Mar-2017 | Abheek Barua & Bidisha Ganguly

    The end of the Trump party?

    Steep fall in US equities could be first sign of market doubting US administration's ability