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  • 09-Oct-2019 | C P Bhambhri

    A flawed minority report

    The authors clearly show that dealing with minority demands is difficult because of the claims of multiple minority groups

  • 31-Jul-2019 | C P Bhambhri

    RSS' selective world view

    The organisation reflects its idea of Hindu Rashtra by indoctrinating the Hindu youth and making them hate the 'enemies'

  • 22-May-2019 | C P Bhambhri

    Rescuing Ayodhya

    The author says, "history of Ayodhya is a microcosm of the history of north Indian heartland"

  • 09-May-2019 | C P Bhambhri

    The single-minded parivar

    The author has provided well-documented details of RSS and its style of working, but he fails to evaluate the RSS on the basis of the facts mentioned in his own study

  • 17-Apr-2019 | C P Bhambhri

    Contestations over statism

    This book is an assessment of the evolution of India's political parties since independence

  • 28-Feb-2019 | C P Bhambhri

    'An ingeniously Indian enterprise'

    One critical contribution in the book is the author's focus on the "compromised fourth estate"

  • 14-Feb-2019 | C P Bhambhri

    Unmasking British rule in India

    Ms Desai has built her well-documented narrative in six chapters and marshalled evidence from the British-appointed Hunter Committee inquiry into the massacre

  • 25-Jan-2019 | C P Bhambhri

    Imperial frontiers and conquests

    The author's description of the Portuguese challenge to Akbar, Jahangir and Shahjahan in Bengal is particularly informative

  • 01-Jan-2019 | C P Bhambhri

    Bhagat Singh's real legacy

    The message of this edited volume is that an individual who is not in tune with the mainstream ideas of his own society is liable to be punished, and Bhagat Singh was no exception

  • 07-Nov-2018 | C P Bhambhri

    Book review: The rise of passive resistance

    The author observes that Gandhi "learnt the important lesson that Indian crowds could be very violent" and that non-violence was not intrinsic to the culture of the sub-continent

  • 25-Sep-2018 | C P Bhambhri

    'Jihadis, faujis and Chinese' in PoK

    This is a pioneering work on Azad Kashmir, which Indians prefer to call Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK), by a Pakistani journalist who made eight visits for her fieldwork over 2016 and 2017

  • 06-Aug-2018 | C P Bhambhri

    Pakistan's military-democracy complex

    Did the civilian rulers of Pakistan learn any lessons from their experiences at the hands of military dictators?

  • 02-Aug-2018 | C P Bhambhri

    Shades of political violence

    The author suggests that this has, at least in part, to do with the district's long history of vendetta as memorialised in traditional ballads

  • 26-Jun-2018 | C P Bhambhri

    The India-Pakistan conundrum

    Two macro-facts that the author highlights are, however, relevant for an understanding of continuing hostilities between the two nations in spite of negotiations for peace.

  • 06-Jun-2018 | C P Bhambhri

    Global and local jihad

    Though ISIS has been incapacitated in Iraq and Syria, Mr Johny argues that this is by no means the end of the story for this global jihadist grouping

  • 15-Mar-2018 | C P Bhambhri

    'How India Lost Her Freedom' review: Nationalist's eye view of colonialism

    Pandit Sunderlal is not a professional historian, and this book may not be of great interest to students of history because the story is well known

  • 19-Feb-2018 | C P Bhambhri

    'The National Movement' review: Indian nationalism and its contentions

    Dr Habib dates the start of the independence struggle from the 1857 uprising, highlighting its socio-economic origins

  • 31-Jan-2018 | C P Bhambhri

    Explaining Godse

    Book review of Why I Killed the Mahatma: Uncovering Godse's Defence

  • 17-Jan-2018 | C P Bhambhri

    A Time of Madness: A sentimental journey from Lahore to Jalandhar

    This narrative is important for many weighty reasons not least the comparison the author makes of the social situation in Pakistan and India just after crossing the border

  • 09-Jan-2018 | C P Bhambhri

    Many faces of nationalism

    This is an anthology of the writings of political leaders, poets, philosophers and men of letters