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  • 18-Jul-2019 | Daniel Gros

    Europe's 5G wake-up call

    Whereas the battle over 4G was essentially commercial, focusing on job creation and profits, the ongoing 5G debate is about geopolitics, technological leadership, and national security

  • 09-May-2019 | Daniel Gros

    Don't fear the Eurosceptics

    After all, Eurosceptic or "Euro-hostile" parties are nothing new

  • 11-Apr-2019 | Daniel Gros

    Who's afraid of low inflation?

    Central banks in advanced economies fear that this lack of inflation could quickly turn into falling prices, and that any slide into such outright deflation would be catastrophic

  • 07-Feb-2019 | Daniel Gros

    The mirage of a global euro

    The euro's importance in global reserves and financial markets today is about the same as it was two decades ago

  • 29-Jan-2019 | Daniel Gros

    The euro turns 20

    For ordinary citizens, little changed until cash euros were introduced in 2002

  • 13-Nov-2018 | Daniel Gros

    The myth of China's forced tech transfer

    American and European companies do not have to invest in China; if they choose to do so, knowing that it will require them to share their technology, it is because they still expect to earn a profit

  • 15-Aug-2018 | Daniel Gros

    Europe's trade coup

    Ensuring that the EU does not face the same tariffs as China is particularly significant, because European suppliers are Chinese exporters' main competitors

  • 19-Jul-2018 | Daniel Gros

    European Union's Dublin conundrum

    Given the EU's population of over 500 million, that number is eminently manageable

  • 23-May-2018 | Daniel Gros

    How EU should react to US steel tariffs

    Voluntary export restraints by Europe could hand Trump an apparent victory, while benefiting EU's steel producers

  • 13-Apr-2018 | Daniel Gros

    Trade wars: Winner takes it all

    Excess capacity is a recurrent phenomenon in the steel sector, and has always produced friction

  • 11-Mar-2018 | Daniel Gros

    A Brexit gentlemen's agreement

    The main barrier to keeping the UK in EU's customs union is political, yet it can be overcome by an informal agreement between the two

  • 07-Dec-2017 | Daniel Gros

    Whither the multilateral trading system?

    The world should prepare itself for the erosion of the rules-based trading system enshrined in the WTO

  • 21-Nov-2017 | Daniel Gros

    Japan's demographic lessons for Europe

    Japan's full employment and high job growth, despite falling prices, should make us reconsider the 'unbearable costs' of deflation

  • 12-Oct-2017 | Daniel Gros

    Europe's return to crisis?

    As Spain's internal conflict escalates, a return to crisis in Europe may seem all but inevitable

  • 21-Aug-2017 | Daniel Gros

    Why are illiberal democrats popular?

    European strongmen have retained popular support by maintaining economic freedom

  • 10-Jul-2017 | Daniel Gros

    The inflation target trap

    The ECB could stop the fight against deflation and start exiting emergency policies

  • 07-Jun-2017 | Daniel Gros

    The Euro Zone's hidden strength

    The unexpected recovery in the absence of fiscal stimulus has been sustained

  • 05-May-2017 | Daniel Gros

    Europe's new hope?

    Emmanuel Macron's programme recognises elements of the German approach

  • 12-Apr-2017 | Daniel Gros

    Calling the protectionists' bluff

    Though new trade deals can spark controversy, it is highly unlikely that protectionism will prevail

  • 20-Mar-2017 | Daniel Gros

    Daniel Gros: Mixed signals from the Euro zone

    Some economic indicators suggest that things are looking up for the common currency's survival