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  • 25-Aug-2016 | John Foley

    Tax and bend

    Apple tax fight is two wrongs in search of a right

  • 18-Aug-2016 | John Foley

    Soup it up

    Nestle's rich valuation needs recipe to match

  • 16-Aug-2016 | John Foley

    Looking for Linde

    Gas mega-merger looks short on solids

  • 11-Aug-2016 | John Foley

    Yes already

    M&A activist twist suits almost everyone

  • 28-Jun-2016 | John Foley

    Acquired tastes

    Nestle no closer to the medicinal Kit Kat

  • 12-Jun-2016 | John Foley

    No-hit wonder

    Guy Hands finally gives up on his golden oldie

  • 14-Apr-2016 | John Foley

    A stomach for staples

    Consumer goods giants shield their defensiveness

  • 13-Apr-2016 | John Foley

    Low prices every day

    One thing Tesco doesn't stock is pricing power

  • 11-Apr-2016 | John Foley

    Yahoo've got Mail

    Yahoo! could be good home for sidebar of shame

  • 06-Apr-2016 | John Foley

    Chill winds

    Iceland first casualty of mostly pointless crusade

  • 30-Mar-2016 | John Foley

    The B Word

    Banks on Brexit: deeds count more than words

  • 22-Mar-2016 | John Foley

    Attacks and setbacks

    Brussels blasts send European unity two steps back

  • 08-Feb-2016 | John Foley

    Rinse and accrete

    Bad finance: the dangerous drug of EPS accretion

  • 07-Feb-2016 | Olaf Storbeck & John Foley

    Steely times

    Arcelor does more than needed, less than enough

  • 14-Jan-2016 | John Foley

    Urban gorilla

    Tesco recovery starts with some gorilla tactics

  • 28-Dec-2015 | John Foley

    Keep it cashy

    Balance sheets will get more unbalanced in 2016

  • 14-Dec-2015 | John Foley & Robert Cole

    Rocking Rolls

    BAE deal beats Rolls-Royce nationalisation

  • 07-Dec-2015 | John Foley

    Out to dry

    Electrolux's GE failure leaves only faint stains

  • 27-Nov-2015 | John Foley

    Wack Friday

    Britain's "Black Friday" better left on the shelf

  • 19-Oct-2015 | John Foley

    Golden handshake

    China is an unreliable new best friend for Britain

  • 18-Oct-2015 | John Foley

    Financial dramedy

    Alibaba bid turns Youku from horror to mystery

  • 01-Sep-2015 | John Foley

    Risk and returns

    Migration crisis echoes age-old test of finance

  • 25-Aug-2015 | John Foley

    It doesn't grow on trees

    Miners' dividends are a fragile commodity

  • 11-Aug-2015 | John Foley

    Reasons to stay strong

    China currency move reflects realism over idealism

  • 07-Aug-2015 | John Foley

    You've got fail

    Trump and China give opposing lessons in failure