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  • 31-Jul-2019 | Arvind Subramanian & Josh Felman

    The G-Minus-2 threat

    This discordant G2 world and the end of ideological convergence now threaten economic convergence, and thus developing countries' prospects

  • 12-Feb-2019 | Arvind Subramanian & Josh Felman

    Losing steam: The coming China shock

    Its internal debts are mounting to unsustainable heights, and domestic investment levels have passed the point of diminishing returns

  • 27-Jan-2019 | Josh Felman, Boban Paul, M R Sharan, & Arvind Subramanian

    Quasi-universal basic rural income: The way forward

    The authors propose an alternative to build a new rural India where a basic income, regardless of agricultural vagaries, will be guaranteed