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  • 01-Sep-2012 | Jyoti Pande Lavakare


    I’ve had this theory for ages — it’s pretty simple, really. That people who are passionate about what they do and are lucky enough to do that for a living, end up being highly successful in their chosen fields. Especially if they ...

  • 04-Aug-2012 | Jyoti Pande Lavakare

    A city without a CEO

    This isn’t a hypothetical question. A proposal to organically clean-up and transform the city’s 350 km of storm water drains — or nullahs — into a network of arterial water routes and landscaped passages for Delhi’s ...

  • 07-Jul-2012 | Jyoti Pande Lavakare

    Digital tattoos

    Are you a digital native or an immigrant? Chances are that if you are of my generation, you are most likely a digital immigrant into the mysterious world they call cyberspace. It’s our children who are digital natives, cyberspace their natural ...

  • 02-Jun-2012 | Jyoti Pande Lavakare

    Caught in the middle

    I’ve often wondered exactly when children turn into care-givers for aging parents. As medical care improves and life expectancy goes up, more of us can expect to have our considerably older parents around longer, which is great. But with ...

  • 05-May-2012 | Jyoti Pande Lavakare

    The elitist tag

    Well, scratch that thought. Because the concept of design in India is changing, as it descends into the public sphere, becoming less abstract, more inclusive and thus much more meaningful in an everyday context.

  • 07-Apr-2012 | Jyoti Pande Lavakare

    A community of neighbours

    The upcoming municipal elections in Delhi have ensured a spike in the importance of RWAs, as gangs of officious young men canvass neighbourhoods and existing councillors visit their wards in a flurry of marigold garlands. But that’s not really ...

  • 03-Mar-2012 | Jyoti Pande Lavakare

    Digital avatars

    There was a time when foreign correspondents wrote for readers in their home country. The very word evoked images of remote, faraway lands, exotic cultures and strange and unusual customs. These correspondents were authentic witnesses to world ...

  • 25-Feb-2012 | Jyoti Pande Lavakare

    Jyoti Pande Lavakare: Enterprise knows no gender

    Research has shown that start-ups led by women may be more profitable, but funding remains a challenge

  • 04-Feb-2012 | Jyoti Pande Lavakare

    The culture vultures

    At one of the writing courses I took at Stanford some years ago, I found myself sandwiched between a white-haired Holocaust survivor, whose short story glowed with a gentle luminescence and whose breadth of experience I could never hope to ...

  • 28-Jan-2012 | Jyoti Pande Lavakare

    Jyoti Pande Lavakare: A new frame for Indian art

    A handful of start-ups in the Indian art and cultural heritage space are addressing some of its crucial needs

  • 07-Jan-2012 | Jyoti Pande Lavakare

    Educating parents

    So now it’s official. For those of us who have been ranting about the poor quality of India’s school education, the data is out there for everyone to see. This is the first time India took part in the Organisation of Economic Cooperation ...

  • 31-Dec-2011 | Jyoti Pande Lavakare

    Jyoti Pande Lavakare: Business in harmony with music

    A Chennai-based venture, MusicUniv, is imparting classical music education to children in a structured manner

  • 03-Dec-2011 | Jyoti Pande Lavakare

    Capital time

    There’s a certain cognitive dissonance in saying that residents of Delhi are among the luckiest in the world. But when temperatures dip and the number of cultural events multiply dizzyingly, presenting options as diverse as mushaira and ...

  • 26-Nov-2011 | Jyoti Pande Lavakare

    Jyoti Pande Lavakare: Going the extra green mile

    An institute of sustainable enterprises in India focuses on the planet and its underprivileged billions

  • 08-Nov-2011 | Jyoti Pande Lavakare

    Fancy a Batmobile of your own? Look no further

    To fly his own Batmobile-type vehicle is every child’s dream, and that of several adults as well. Which of us hasn’t ever thought how wonderful it would be to be to just soar off the earth into the sky above, in our own little flying ...

  • 06-Nov-2011 | Jyoti Pande Lavakare

    The man who killed a planet

    Mike Brown is the ultimate Terminator. He has become famous for killing Pluto – remember that ex-planet that came after Neptune, the one farthest away from the sun, that most of us grew up calling the ninth planet in the solar system? But what ...

  • 05-Nov-2011 | Jyoti Pande Lavakare

    The spirit of adventure

    Imagine being kicked so hard by a Bactrian camel that you somersault into the air and actually bounce a couple of times before landing painfully on your shoulder, injuring it. Your entire body hurts, you feel humiliated — and now you’re ...

  • 29-Oct-2011 | Jyoti Pande Lavakare

    Jyoti Pande Lavakare: Aiming for 'higher' learning

    Education is merely seen as a means to further one?s career. A bunch of entrepreneurs are trying to change this

  • 01-Oct-2011 | Jyoti Pande Lavakare

    Learning to be disaster-ready

    Come on, Mommy, it's an earthquake — don’t you know what to do? Duck, cover and hold,” my 6-year-old advised me from under our dining table in Palo Alto in October 2007, one small hand holding on tightly to the shaking table leg, ...

  • 24-Sep-2011 | Jyoti Pande Lavakare

    Jyoti Pande Lavakare: Teaching for Bharat

    A project aimed at educational equity is engaging young minds turning them into leaders in the process