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  • 28-Sep-2014 | Kunal Kumar Kundu

    Kunal Kumar Kundu: The LPG roadblock

    The overall oil subsidy could continue to hurt unless the govt finds a way to tackle the potential threat posed by the domestic LPG subsidy

  • 31-Aug-2014 | Kunal Kumar Kundu

    Kunal Kumar Kundu: Food inflation still bites

    Poor monsoons mean the Reserve Bank of India needs to remain vigilant about this critical parameter and its spillover effects

  • 03-Aug-2014 | Kunal Kumar Kundu

    Kunal Kumar Kundu: US Fed's dovish outlook

    The Federal Open Market Committee statement could well be an attempt to manage expectations before eventually increasing rates

  • 06-Jul-2014 | Kunal Kumar Kundu

    Kunal Kumar Kundu: A change for revival

    India's growth model needs to change from being consumption-driven to investment-driven in order to revive the economy

  • 08-Jun-2014 | Kunal Kumar Kundu

    Kunal Kumar Kundu: Prodding the capex cycle

    Investment is expected to pick up as policy uncertainty dissipates but only a steadfast commitment to reforms can sustain it

  • 11-May-2014 | Kunal Kumar Kundu

    Kunal Kumar Kundu: Next on the agenda

    The new govt needs to recognise the importance of public investment in infrastructure and contain the fiscal deficit to meaningful levels

  • 13-Apr-2014 | Kunal Kumar Kundu

    Kunal Kumar Kundu: Running on reserves

    Our foreign reserves have crossed $300 billion. How much is too much?

  • 16-Mar-2014 | Kunal Kumar Kundu

    Kunal Kumar Kundu: The CAD mirage

    Falling current account deficit is not a sign of economic improvement. In India's case, it is a clear indication of economic weakness

  • 16-Feb-2014 | Kunal Kumar Kundu

    Kunal Kumar Kundu: A tough challenge

    Being amongst the most vulnerable emerging markets, India will have to fight hard to attract foreign investment now that tapering is a reality

  • 19-Jan-2014 | Kunal Kumar Kundu

    Kunal Kumar Kundu: Irrational exuberance on trade

    The recent improvement in trade data is, worryingly, the result of a major drop in imports, while exports barely moved

  • 22-Dec-2013 | Kunal Kumar Kundu

    Kunal Kumar Kundu: Looking beyond the taper

    India faces risks from myriad internal challenges rather than the Fed's tapering programme

  • 25-Nov-2013 | Kunal Kumar Kundu

    Kunal Kumar Kundu: Cornered by inflation

    Food inflation has assumed structural proportions and there is no fiscal space left to prop up our sagging economy

  • 27-Oct-2013 | Kunal Kumar Kundu

    Kunal Kumar Kundu: Back to future shocks

    The appreciation of the rupee is nearing its end, and the probable start of tapering next year could see the rupee bears clawing back in

  • 29-Sep-2013 | Kunal Kumar Kundu

    Kunal Kumar Kundu: India's got the Rajan it needed

    Everything seems to be falling in place for the new RBI governor but there is a need to prepare for the imminent tapering by the Fed

  • 14-Sep-2013 | Kunal Kumar Kundu

    Outlook for economy still hazy

    India's much-touted fundamental strength stands exposed

  • 13-Sep-2013 | Kunal Kumar Kundu

    Industrial output got a data boost

    A data issue seems to have given the unlikely positive spin to the story

  • 01-Sep-2013 | Kunal Kumar Kundu

    Pressure on rupee to continue

    Its excessive weakening has dealt the economy a body blow

  • 31-Aug-2013 | Kunal Kumar Kundu

    GDP data show India is in election mode

    India's first quarter for FY14 surprised on the downside, as it recorded a growth of 4.35 per cent annualised rate (lowest since Q4 FY09), lower than Bloomberg consensus estimate of 4.7 per cent. While the GDP number got a boost from the expected ...

  • 15-Aug-2013 | Kunal Kumar Kundu

    Is inflationary pressure back?

    India's official inflation data (WPI) for July 2013 showed a trajectory that was in contrast to the retail inflation data (CPI). While CPI eased a tad in July (to 9.64 per cent, down from 9.87 per cent in June), the WPI jumped by nearly one per cent ...

  • 13-Aug-2013 | Kunal Kumar Kundu

    Manufacturing hits a rough patch

    There are two key takeaways of the industrial production data for June released on Monday - India's economy is slowing and the sanctity of data continues to remain questionable.In my commentary last month, I had mentioned the rising level of ...