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  • 12-Aug-2018 | Nilanjana S Roy

    V S Naipaul: The twilight of his travels and surprisingly candid writings

    Naipaul struggles with the difficulties of understanding cultures where the history is oral, not written

  • 30-May-2017 | Nilanjana S Roy

    Novel of utmost power

    Book review of 'The Ministry of Utmost Happiness'

  • 30-May-2017 | Nilanjana S Roy

    Arundhati Roy's second novel is a powerful elegy for a bulldozed world

    Nilanjana S Roy reviews The Ministry of Utmost Happiness

  • 30-Jan-2017 | Nilanjana S Roy

    Nilanjana S Roy: The reading life

    Reading never died as a habit, despite the doomsayers, but it changed form

  • 16-Jan-2017 | Nilanjana S Roy

    Nilanjana S Roy: Where the wild things are

    Kyo Maclear's Birds Art Life is such an unusual memoir

  • 02-Jan-2017 | Nilanjana S Roy

    Nilanjana S Roy: Lord of the rabbits

    'Watership Down' remains one of the biggest bestsellers in the world

  • 30-Dec-2016 | Nilanjana S Roy

    The Bookshelf in 2017

    From novel by Arundhati Roy to Nanavati case, 2017 offers a range of eclectic reading

  • 19-Dec-2016 | Nilanjana S Roy

    Nilanjana S Roy: Beautiful minds, flawed human minds

    'The Undoing Project: The Friendship That Changed Our Minds' is an account of a truly remarkable partnership, set down in his trademark lucid and perceptive style

  • 06-Dec-2016 | Nilanjana S Roy

    Nilanjana S Roy: Books of the Year

    Some of the pleasure of a Books of the Year list is felt by the reader, but only some

  • 21-Nov-2016 | Nilanjana S Roy

    Nilanjana S Roy: Afterwards

    'You Will Not Have My Hate' is hard to read, because you are stepping into another person's love story and tragedy

  • 07-Nov-2016 | Nilanjana S Roy

    Nilanjana S Roy: Unfree: What to expect next

    This column will point out gently that democracy is not an app

  • 24-Oct-2016 | Nilanjana S Roy

    Nilanjana S Roy: Brothers in arms

    Brothers, Manju Kapur's sixth novel, is her most assured so far, a conventionally plotted but acutely well-imagined account of the Gaina family's rise from the village of Lalbanga near Ajmer to promin

  • 10-Oct-2016 | Nilanjana S Roy

    Tagore's anti-nationalism

    On May 3, 1916, Rabindranath Tagore left Calcutta by ship for Japan. He was 55, his reputation as a sage soaring after he had been awarded the Nobel Prize in 1913 for "his profoundly sensitive, fresh and beautiful verse".He was about to unsettle ...

  • 26-Sep-2016 | Nilanjana S Roy

    Nilanjana S Roy: Ents and Explorers

    In the 1970s, many of Delhi's photo studios offered hand-painted backdrops: Castle, fort, forest and the Himalayas, the mountains picked out in dazzling Rin-white tints against a glaring, blue sky. But even in its cliches and exaggerations, there ...

  • 12-Sep-2016 | Nilanjana S Roy

    Nilanjana S Roy: Stranger Things

    Some years ago, the science fiction maven Ursula K Le Guin explained why she believed that writers and futurists had nothing in common. "Predictions are uttered by prophets (free of charge); by clairvoyants (who usually charge a fee, and are ...

  • 29-Aug-2016 | Nilanjana S Roy

    Nilanjana S Roy: Empire's outdated laws

    An empire and a company ruling by force needed sedition to prop up its iniquitous regime. A free country doesn't

  • 16-Aug-2016 | Nilanjana S Roy

    Nilanjana S Roy: Reading India in 1947

    As 1947 began, Geeta Dutt sang Mera Sunder Sapna Beet Gaya across North Indian cinema theatres - the film was Do Bhai, the posters showing two brothers separated by the figure of a woman, her face disturbed, one brother looking down in sadness, the ...

  • 01-Aug-2016 | Nilanjana S Roy

    Nilanjana S Roy: The boy who grew up

    Mrs Darling came to the window, for at present she was keeping a sharp eye on Wendy. She told Peter that she had adopted all the other boys, and would like to adopt him also."Would you send me to school?" he inquired craftily."Yes.""And then to an ...

  • 18-Jul-2016 | Nilanjana S Roy

    Nilanjana S Roy: Diary of a W-grade writer

    News item: "As a pilot project, the culture ministry has already graded 185 artistes into three categories - O (Outstanding), P (Promising), W (Waiting)..."

  • 04-Jul-2016 | Nilanjana S Roy

    Nilanjana S Roy: After Herr

    Michael Herr will be remembered for Dispatches, which he saw as a book closer in its nightmare, adrenalin-soaked form to a novel than to non-fiction